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Videos: A Marketing Necessity

Why are videos necessary in your marketing strategies? We were told some time ago that if you have to say anything more than twice, put it in a video library. With that notion, we have decided to create videos for almost everything. Our agents have slowly come around to making videos regularly, and here’s why you should too!

The Media Landscape

The attention spans of humans decrease every passing year, but a great way to capture someone’s attention is through a video. Visual and audio storytelling get messages across faster when combined into a video. Here are some statistics to explain what this means:

  • 75 million people in the United States watch online videos everyday

  • 95% of viewers retain information from videos compared to reading text

  • 76% of marketing professionals use videos to increase brand awareness

  • 33% of user engagement is increased vis Facebook videos

  • 13% increase in click rate when ‘video’ is mentioned in an email

  • 49% of marketers saw revenue grow faster when using videos in marketing

Statistically speaking, videos are taking over the media landscape, and making a huge impact on marketing strategies as well. It’s not just that people continuously watch videos; viewers prefer videos. It’s our job to keep up to date with what’s popular in the media landscape, including social media.

Make Videos Personal

The best strategy to have when creating videos is to create videos that meet the needs of the audience. Here at Lucas Howard Group, our video content ranges from bios introducing our employees to videos demonstrating helpful tips for other real estate agents.

Recently, we’ve been trying to integrate our team members into videos. Our goal is to display our agents as real people outside of the office. Presenting your agents as real people creates trust and long-term relationships down the road. A familiar face leads to a more conversational feel for a video, which allows for your audience to see you as a person rather than just a realtor.

Social Media Posts

Furthermore, posting videos on social media elevates your brand presence across the board. There are multiple platforms to choose from, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on. How you choose what social media to use is up to you, but posting on any of these platforms is crucial for your success.

Our primary social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Considering Facebook has roughly 8 billion daily video views, Facebook is a huge juggernaut when it comes to posting video content. Facebook allows for you to target specific audiences, create live videos, and create captions for videos without sound.

Using Instagram is all about creating the right thumbnail. Pairing an eye-catching thumbnail with a tightly-shot video will make for a more successful post. Videos here have to be quick, easy to understand, and very concise.

LinkedIn is great for professional markets, as the network has more than 313 million members across 20 countries. Operating similar to Instagram, LinkedIn can host videos and content and reach a broad, more professional audience.


If you want to set forth upon this social media journey, don’t forget to schedule when you post. Creating a regular posting schedule creates a consistency with your potential audience, as they will know when you are posting. Posting at the right times can be detrimental, as the life span of a post could only be that of 18 minutes or less.

Furthermore, a schedule allows for you to decide what type of schedule you should make to keep up on postings. Programs like Asana and Flowlu have great tools to mark down content ideas, scheduling posts, and assigning tasks to different people. Collaboration is vital for maintaining a strong social media presence, maintain an organized system to keep your social media presence active and thriving.


When it comes to meeting the needs of the modern audience, videos and social media are almost a necessity. Failing to have a presence anywhere on social media can be a huge loss for your company. We have seen tremendous success in creating videos and social media posts. If you don’t have a plan in action, we would highly suggest doing so. The future is online; are you prepared?

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