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Grands Rapids is chalked full of amazing stores and markets. The goods they sell are unique and beautiful while the food is farm fresh and delicious. Every item you find, every ingredient you pick up were all hand selected by passionate business owners and farmers. Local owners create an experience at their businesses through their products, customer service, and originality, and Grand Rapids is full of beautiful and creative businesses waiting for you to stop by.

There are so many local businesses that could be listed, but that would be a very long blog and a whole lot of time. Grand Rapids has a store for every need you could imagine and it’s always a great feeling to stray away from Walmart, Meijer, Costco, or Target and take a chance and visit someplace new. So let’s explore the many businesses that await your arrival!

Specialty Grocers for those who love authenticity and a wide selection

· Martha’s Vineyard

· Horrocks Market

· Art of the Table

· Kingma’s Market

· Fresh Thyme Market

· Bridge Street Market

· Downtown Market

· Kentwood Foods

I love every single one of these grocers. It beats going to the bustling and crowded aisles of Meijer and allows me to enjoy my trip to the grocery store instead of dreading it every single time.

Martha’s Vineyard is hidden on a quaint little corner on Lyon Street. Lyon Street is a hidden gem in Grand Rapids. Home to Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket Bakery, and Lyon Street Café to name a few. At Martha’s Vineyard you can find an assortment of wine, cheeses, beer, coffee, dips, and an abundance of homemade deli delicacies. Martha’s was the first place I came upon Blake’s Hard Cider and their in-house arugula peach salad, and I will forever be in their debt.

Plants, plants, and more plants

· Horrocks Market

· Flowerland

· The Plant Parlor

· Plant Shop

· Countryside Greenhouse

Being an avid plant lady, I am a fan of every single plant shop on this list. Horrocks has a wide selection and a beautiful greenhouse, Flowerland has dozens of pathos plants, The Plant Parlor is home to plants as big as me, The Plant Shop has a cozy corner on Wealthy Street, and Countryside Greenhouse is magnificent in size. Each one being unique from the last.

Home décor and gift shops that will ruin your bank account

· Rebel

· Commune

· Dime & Regal

· The Counting House

· Gemini Handmade

· Pursuit Gift Shop

Commune and Rebel are owned by the same couple and it shows. Both stores are magical and make me want to buy every item every time I walk through the door. Rebel offers a section for every weakness I have. Barware, kitchen essentials, women’s jewelry and accessories, stationary, spa and self-care, and of course plants and planters. Rebel’s goal is to empower women with their products and wow, if I don’t feel empowered every time I leave with a bag full of goodies.

Farmer’s Markets to visit on a crisp, sunny fall day

· Fulton Street Farmers Market

· Holland Farmers Market

· Kentwood Farmers Market

· Downtown Market Farmers Market

Fulton Street is a cute market in the heart of Grand Rapids. Take a Saturday for yourself, bundle up, and grab a cup of coffee at Madcap and walk down the Fall leaf speckled sidewalk. It’s a beautiful time of the year to stop at the market. They have all your Fall necessities: orchard apples, homemade pies, striking sunflowers, and an array of gourds and pumpkins.

Outfits for every occasion even when you’re just lounging at home

· Woosah Outfitters

· Lee & Birch

· Lennon & Willow

· Moosejaw Bike & Snow

Woosah Outfitters is an incredibly unique store owned by a local Grand Rapids Artist. There she turns her artwork into prints, apparel, stickers, and little odds and ends. Her artwork is beautiful, and nature inspired with peaceful connotations. If you go out the side door you are met with Outside Coffee Co. and it’s amazing outdoor ambiance and cozy, yummy coffee. It’s the perfect blend of shopping and coffee. A dream come true.

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