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Reviews: Why They Matter

Greetings Keller Williams family! Today, we wanted to talk with you about the importance of receiving reviews from your past clientele. Originally, we were only getting one review every month or so, which was definitely not good. To combat the situation, we put together a plan of action with our administration team. The plan was a huge success, now getting 2.5 reviews every week.

Why Reviews are Important

Reviews in any form, especially online, are extremely influential to people viewing your

company. Millennials especially take note of online reviews. They’d rather look at a review when choosing a buyer’s specialist rather than depending on the opinion of their parents.

Moz, a software-service marketing company, found that 67% of consumers are influenced by online reviews. When people search for your business in a search engine, reviews are one of the first things to pop up underneath the name. Reviews tend to be the first option clicked when people look at your business.

Negative reviews can be harmful for your business, as just one bad review can lead to a loss in potential customers and interest in your company. If you see a complaint in your reviews, try to counter the problem as fast as possible. Respond to questions, maintain a positive attitude, and put your best foot forward so you get that next potential client.

How to Encourage Reviews

Now that you know a little about why reviews matter, here are a couple of ways that you can encourage reviews for your company, as well as how we encourage more reviews ourselves. A good way to begin gett ing more reviews is to get your company on multiple reviewing sites. Google is a great starting point, but a wide array of websites are available to generate more reviews. Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, Glassdoor, and so on.

Building that wide network allows for more opportunities for people to review and look at your business. One of the easiest and simplest ways to encourage more reviews is to simply ask. An easy way to do this is to ask via email or phone. If a client is contacting you about a positive experience they’ve had, don’t hesitate to ask for a review. Guide them to where they can write a review, and that’s it!

Another method, and our current method, is to implement the reviews into our work process. Our plan of action involved contacting the client three times over the course of finalizing the deal. We like to send videos via email asking for reviews, as well as contacting the client around two weeks afterwards to get that review as well.

Where Do You Want Reviews?

You want your reviews to be located anywhere that is easy to access and visible for people to write or browse through. Not to be repetitive, but online is the way to go for ease of access to reviews. If you send out an email or call a client, don’t forget to tell them where they can leave a review for your company.

One of our personal ways to showcase previous experiences is through our Lucas Howard Group webpage. We have a testimonial section highlighting various reviews we’ve received in the past. It’s a great service to provide reviews that aren’t necessarily found on Google or Yelp.

We also plan to incorporate testimonial videos of past clients. The ideal candidate for these is a client who has sold and bought with us. Once they are settled into their new home (usually give them a month or so) we do a quick in-home video of them, which also features B-Roll footage of their new home, which they are excited to show off.

These videos work so well because they are almost guaranteed to be shared with the client's family and friends, especially since it gives them a good opportunity to show-off their new home, simultaneously advertising our brand and services. You want to make sure your logo/watermark is on the video from the very beginning, as social media videos do have a lot of 3 second bounce rates.

We hope these are helpful tips for you to utilize when getting more client reviews. We would love to hear from other teams on their action plans and what has worked well for them. Be sure to comment!

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