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Our Notes from Next Level Agents

Vija Williams

Failure Framework

  1. Seek it out

  2. Control your second reaction

  3. we can’t control the first, but we can control the second

3. Create the question habit

Seek It Out

  1. Fail big, fast, and often.

  2. thinking in bets

2. Take Big Swings and expect Big Misses

3. Think in terms of percentage risk and expect uncertainty. Be a scientist, everything is unproven and one big split test.

4. Annie Duke: Decisions one bets on the future.

5. Define and measure yourself not by your outcome, but by your process!

Amygdala - the fear center of your brain. Learn to control it!

Controlling Your Second Reaction

  1. First response - fear - amygdala

  2. You can’t control your first thought, but you can control your second one.

  3. Take the emotion out!

  4. Have a process in place!

  5. Create a habit of objectivity

  6. Strength and Condition train this muscle.

Create the Question Habit

  1. What did I do well? Not well?

  2. What skills do I need to improve?

  3. Go upstream - what could I have done to prevent this?

  4. Is this situational or systemic and cyclical?

  5. What behavior do I need to change or instigate because of this? How do I use this failure to grow and change?

Joshua Smith

  1. There is no secret, no magic pill.

  2. The key is to control your focus and truly master your craft.

  3. You must fully commit to your success and master your craft. What does this mean to you?

Learn to identify your KPIs and obsess over them!

KPI = Key Performance Indicator

KPIs are the things that lead to the outcome you want to create. Don’t focus on the outcome, instead focus fully on the KPIs.

Based on your goals/outcomes, reverse engineer your KPIs so you know what they should be as a whole as well as every single person in your business.

7 Core Functions of Real Estate

  1. Lead Generation

  2. Lead Conversion

  3. Appointment Conductions

  4. Leading the Client Process

  5. Past Client Repeat/Referral Business

  6. Process, Systems, and Tracking!

  7. People


Jason Abrahams

  1. There should be no past clients you haven’t talked to in the past 120 days.

  2. Protect your people.

  3. people move because of life events

  4. be there when they happen

3. Likeability

a. Call it what you want - it’s a popularity contest.

b. You do not have the option of not playing offense or defense.

c. There are no bad leads, just bad realtors.

4. Deal with SOI

5. Focus on Active Sales Pipeline

"Example: you go to Nordstrom. They ask you if you want help. You say “I’m just looking.” The average consumer just looks for 13 minutes before they walk out of the store or go to a fitting room. When you have clothes in your hand and you want to try on your clothes, you go to the fitting room area and the rooms are locked. At that point, do you care if you see the first person who greeted you? Or are you looking for the first person you see that has the key to the fitting room? This is the consumer experience in real estate.”

Real Estate relies on the fact that most people are clueless about their financial wealth. It’s a fact!

Chelsea Peitz

  1. Wave Video - Video creator app

Facebook - add a “live video” tab on the left side of your profile page.

GO LIVE! Live Videos get 6 times more engagement, when compared to non-live videos.

You need to be active with video every day. Your Facebook profile page can now be a “video creator” page, which basically turns your brand awareness on 24/7. They also provide you with a FREE sound collection of stock music.

85% Of Videos are Watched with NO SOUND. - Use the Autogenerate captions feature, be sure to double check for errors.

Use Facebook Messenger.

  • you can find anyone - There is no way to turn off the “message received” feature (unlike texts).

  • You should be sending video messages.

- Not a lot of people are doing this, so it’s a good opportunity to get ahead of the curve on this.

- Send Happy Birthday video messages to your database. Way more personal than a standard text or email.

Use Video Comments

  • Post videos in the comment section. Say your comment, don’t type it!

  • Plus, these comments show up much larger, and give you more screen space.

Facebook Stories

- Stay on top of your feed everyday.

- Not many people are using these yet, so there is much less competition vs. Instagram or Snapchat.

Apps to Download:

1. Adobe Spark

2. Planoly - plan and organize your Instagram $9/mo

3. In Shot - Video Formatting

4. Cut Story - Auto Cut Up video for Instagram stories - a workaround that allows you to upload longer videos to your story, and seamlessly edits them together.

5. Legends - graphic text animation software

6. Lumen 5 - automatically turns blog post into video.

7. Video Shop - video editing app

8. canva.com - create GIFs and Animations.

Jon Cheplak

It’s not about Real Estate, it’s about Human Development, Human Attraction, and Human Behavior.

Everyone wants to buy, no one wants to be sold, but you all just keep selling them.

Non-Competitive Lanscape.

  • 80% of agents have no recruitment drip campaign for their team.

  • 90% have no video recruitment initiative.

  • 60% have no social media initiative

  • 95% are not making recruitment a top priority.

Start Making deposits in your Business Equity Relations Account.

  • You must earn TRUST!

Are we saying the right thing to the wrong people, and the wrong thing to the right people?

Not coming out with message to market match.

Consumer Awareness Journey:

  1. Un-Aware

  2. Problem Aware

  3. Solution Aware

  4. Your Solution Aware

  5. Self Discovery - highest form of human persuasion. The number one way to facilitate a human being to choice or change.

  6. We choose with our heart and justify with our mind.

  7. If it was about splits, fees, profit shares, revenue share, then one model would put everyone out of business.

  8. It takes 14 contracts on average before an experienced agent makes a move.

Subtle Calls To Action

  • A series of micro commitments

  • 1 min of video is the same as 1.8 million words

  • There is NOTHING more powerful than VIDEO!

Foundational Principles

  1. We are not going to wait and resist human nature. We are going to handle objections in advance. Selling the benefit of the appointment.

  2. What you are saying on the phone is most likely not your biggest obstacle. It is probably what you are sending before the call.

  3. We’ve been going to an ATM trying to withdraw money from an account we have made NO deposits into.

  4. Make Deposits into your Business Relations Equity Account!

  5. It’s a LONG escrow!

3 Ways to Recruit

1. Deposit withdraw

2. Events

3. Enroll your agents.

Copy to post:

When it comes to choosing a real estate company or team, what’s the single biggest reason that keeps you from joining?

Cody Gibson

7 Steps to 10 Listings

  1. Make on listing appointment every day

  2. more to do with habit than skill

2. Visit One FSBO or expired door everyday.

3. Follow Up Wednesdays

4. Publish one “I have a buyer” post every week.

a. Create a facebook post “I’m working with Mr. X looking for a home in area Y for Z price, do you know anyone?

b. It has to be specific. 1pm - 3pm on Wednesdays is a GREAT time to post

c. Three words for social media STOP THE SCROLL

d. Photos must be congruent.

e. Audience should be “friends, excluding agents”

f. Boost your posts.

5. Every Seller, Every Week.

consistent contact

6. FSBO deals if you must

If you’re behind, cut a deal. These are closers, not openers. YOU SAID 10 LISTINGS! Do what you need to do. Get in the habit of taking 10 listings/month and you’ll take 10 listings/month.

7. Practice the Presentation.

Amateurs will practice until they get it right, professionals will practice until they can’t get it wrong.

Practice presentation at least once/week 35-40 minutes.


Seller Survey and Agent Interviews Used by Cody.

Travis Thom

How do you win?

Organic reach is dead.

Facebook live video can be custom branded. Use the app called “Switcher Studio”

Light Stream App.

Live video gets 10 times more engagement than any other video.

Beat the algorithm by building Social Proof.

Shares, comments and likes are social currencies, though Likes may be removed soon.

Collection Ads

4 to 10% Click through Rates.

Mobile Immersive - Entire Screen Experience

Soft Calls to Actions

Jost Sold Posts

target homeowners within 12 mile radius of listing.

Just Listed

Open House

Just Sold

Agent Profile



Snappa - Photo editing app.

Facebook Lead Ads

Implement funnels, / drip campaigns.

Re-Target, Re-Target, Re-Target! Re-target people who spend most time on property search page.

Use Facebook Pixels, make sure it’s setup on your site.

Think with a Buyer Persona.

Increase your Relevances Scores by mentioning the city name you’re targeting, in the copy.

Home Exteriors generate a higher click through rate than interiors. A higher CTR = Higher Relevance Score.

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