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Our Notes from Mega Camp 2019

Gary’s Top 100 Mastermind.

Don’t settle. There’s no such thing as, we’re done. 

People settle. They don’t think big enough. If you’re not #1, you are settled. 

Settling is people’s #1 enemy. It’s hard to achieve more when we settle. 

Are you a settler? 

I’m not a hard ass - I just don’t settle. 

The inner voice of a warrior = I don’t settle. 

The second you settle it’s as good as it gets. 

CEO owns the result. 

- Learn how to work with people vs chasing the next sale. 

Must have both: Quantitative and Qualitative 

Purposefully Study the lives and businesses of others ahead of us. 

People first. 

Read: Take Charge - Fitness at the edge of science (Gary interviewed, Clarence Bass, the author in the beginning of the mastermind. 

If we don’t take care of our body, where are we going to live? 

Push your professional muscle. You take of yourself because you are not willing to let people down. 

Gary’s the pace car - you’ve got it, when I know you’ve got it. After you’ve got it, if you don’t hear from me as often it’s because I completely trust you or I am looking for your replacement. 

Gary shows up to serve, not to control. 

Make HAY while the sun shines. 

With age, tolerance diminishes. You become unconsciously aware that time is shrinking. 

Life is in phases - counter balance. 

You can be absolutely happy in life and unhappy with a specific situation. (Gary is never a victim) 

If Gary hears resignation in someone’s voice, then he’d like to take it. 

Investment in the “RIGHT” (truly talented) person is a 10x return. Hire your boss. 

Realistic vs Unrealistic doesn’t make sense. What’s possible? 

You don’t want to develop an average muscle. All in or Nothing. Don’t want to harm people. How big can a professional life be? 

Do what you do so well so you can FUND your next great hire. 

Launching a business of “significance” usually requires 3-5 years. (BIG Business) 

Everything should be BIG and Significant if you’re in Gary’s room. 

I really trust you or I’m looking for your replacement. 

Another ancillary business: Title is the safest haven to get into. Property management is a big business with reasonable margins. 

Any business you own - you should be thinking globally. 

Expansion should happen naturally. The person has got to be the person who wants to blow it up. 

SMALL thinking, translates to SMALL hires. 

Expansion in a year could look like mergers and equations of small brokerages. 

Think with the end in mind. 

If I give you the answer, you are the wrong hire. Gary doesn’t give answers. 

Your #1 goal is to be able to afford and hire the KILLER individual. 

What I pay you isn’t as important as what gets done for what I pay you. 

Hire your equal - leadership level. 

You’re not thinking big enough. 

Attract and keep rockstar talent. (relentless, unsettled - All in) 

Predictable income is the only reason to buy a business. 20,000 people touched in a meaningful way - the people are doing it without you. 

Redfin, Amazon and Zillow are coming for your mortgage and Insurance. 

Consumers prove that price isn’t always the issue. 

The best NET is a listing based business. Best Practices = amply the listing side, contract the buyers side. 

Keller Concierge service is being lab’s and launched. 

The consumer has never been given their own app. Engage engage engage. 

Stop settling. 

Marketing Mastermind Notes: 8/12/2019

Director of Fun

Calling forever clients.  A calendar saying what she would call on.  

Planning client and community events.

New Vision – Client care calling, texting, and video text one of these ways once a month.  

Relocation Companies at local business for transferres.  

Us sharing at local businesses as to what we are all about.

Goal is for her to achieve sponsorship to offset cost of events

Full time position

Vendor direct to pay so no RSPA violation

Being Consistent year over year

Playbook models where we keep a specific journal pre, during, and post.  Then you can put on an identical event as well as opportunity to make it better.

After the event have video content, testimonials and get their information so you can stay in touch.

Don’t take on something unless you can do it consistently.

Make your event fun so that people want to come.

It’s not about the people that show up. Its about the conversation before and after event.

Not measuring ROI as at client events it’s showing appreciation to them and not asking them for anything.  It is about the conversations leading up and after event.

Are you earning the ask?

Pre registration for events – RSVP on Eventbrite and you can select what information you want them to provide.

Create an Eventbrite -  Who do you know that is looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate? And leave a comment box to fill out.

Utilize videographer at your events.

Have a texting code to utilize for contest.

Using Kwkly and Command should have something

Marketing ideas for properties over 2 months

Price reduction – provide data results on FB, MLS, showings.  Utilize info as a Friday conversation.  

If vacant have it stage after it has been live for 30 days.  Boxbrownie is a site to use.  

Change your FB marketing advertising chose different groups.  $10 for 7 days is a great price point.

If the home is furnished maybe do a mataport.

You need something new to market with after 30 days.

Tracking of Client Events / Results – cementing the relationship

Document in the playbook and review each year.  Always have opportunities 

Planning out marketing – Calendar, Automation

Social networks don’t like third party sites.  Hootsuite and Buffer 

Use FB scheduling tool.

App called Later and is used with Instagram and can schedule your post and copy.

Buffer flags if photo’s are not a certain size.

Every Monday we post Spotlight on Ada

Tuesday we marketing stats and blog

Wednesday are go live day

2-3 lives a week

Start with a foundation as to what you want it to look like.

Relevant local content.  Come from contribution.

Build the relationship so you have earned the right to ask.

FB and Instagram should not be duplicated. Do not share the same post.

FB is for words 1st and images 2nd

Instagram is a visual graphic place

Stories is where you do a day and life.  Coming soon, Just listed 12 new properties.

Instagram post pictures of yourself.  Followers want to see you. Stories are more popular

SOLDCALLJIM – Instagram site to check out.  Has personal and business

Have team members spend 5 minutes a day on FB and Instagram.

FB likes FB live.  They want you to use their tools.  They don’t want you to link to youtube.  Upload the video.

We want our FB page to be a community site.  We are going to post from the article in the news or blog of someone else.

Utilize youtube with FB by putting link in the comment

Software using for FB

What type of FB ad’s are working.  Generating the most leads

We have a hotphone number and someone is on duty for the phone and FB.  We post when our listings go live and agents engage with them on FB and we are able to convert. We respond and then PM them.  

$20 for 4 days for each listing

Lead with the hottest picture on your ads

Co Branding with movies.  

Groups and Messenger is helping to create a lot of engagement for lead gen.

Putting on market place.  

How do you interpret that data

Running ads for impressions

If you are running for lead gen

Ongoing monthly to stay in touch with sphere. 

Are you rewarding them?

Club A group they get an additional gift from us each quarter

Raving Fans will get an experiencing

Sphere is getting 55 touches a year

Have PR plans.  

Future forging relationship within your community

Top 3 things when you start farming.  Check what the turn over rate is. (look for 6% turnover rate or higher)  Make sure no one else owns the farm. Start small.

Being committed to the farm.  Hyper local. Be apart of their garage sales, door knock,  be at socials. FB groups for that farm. 

Do a spring clean up event.  

Door knocking – they knock 50 doors around their open house.  They give a flyer for a local charity. Example School supplies for ______local elementary school.  Feel free to drop off to the open house or give me a call and I can swing by and pick up.

Can post in the community pages that you have drop off locations.

Agent to Agent Referral marketing

Building relationship with agents across the country.  We input their info into mailchimp and then we email out a newsletter.  Provide some value. Being vulnerable in your content share your failures.

Be intentional


Someone give us a referral.  They fill out a slip with all the information and we mail them a box of cookies and we hand deliver the same day they made the referral.  Try to deliver to their work address as makes a big impact.

2nd referral they get custom socks with agents face all over them.  (Logo)

3rd referral they get a custom connect four game that spells out their name

4th referral they get a special dinner with agent to a very nice restaurant

They get a perk at any event.  Special seating, extra drink ticket.

Peters Company creates a referral tree hand drawn showing to the top refers with a note of thanks.

How do you promote in your farm? 

We don’t market the VIP or Club A

Whose adapting Command, when etc

Command is great for single agents or very small teams.  Not ready for large teams.

Any new or cutting edge ways to use video’s

There is a new app for agents out on location and on the go.  Vlog easy

Use FB Live 

Having the video show you working hard, playing hard show your culture this is helpful for recruiting.

Super Happy Fun Day – Rented a yacht holds 140 people  got to bring plus 1. Food, Beverages, and DJ. Missed opportunity as they didn’t video anything.

Also post some raw stuff.  Not always professional.

Top lead source for listings and buyers other than database

FSBO and Expires we are calling

Just start calling people you know and have met and just touch base ask how they are doing.  Just small conversation.

Volunteering at community events.

Pick something and commit to it.

Join your chamber commerce 


Pet Picture

Custom Ice Cream – create your own recipe

Name the new beer at the brewery

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