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Our Notes from Grant Cardone

We had the privilege of hearing Grant Cardone speak and share his wisdom. We found what he had to say incredibly valuable and because of this, we wanted to take a minute to share our notes with you.

Grant Cardone

April 26th, 2018

1. Have Blue Collar Mentality

2. Plan for things you would never even think of.

3. Don't be an Astronaut, be NASA

4. Come out of misery and into certainty, that’s when you close.

5. The game has changed: when people see it, they believe it. Don’t negotiate with your face, write it down. Giver certainty.

A.Yes your home is worth 5/10k more...overtime...it might take 12 months to get there.

B. You’re going to solve my problem and close me, or you’re going to have a much bigger problem.

6. Money in savings is worthless, put it to work!

7. Don’t care if I’m overpaying if it’s making me money!

8. Learning takes place when you’re adding, or deleting.

9. God created everything, THEN he rested... Some of you work two days, and then take the weekend off.

10. Collaborate on social media. I don’t have to do all the work. Competition is good, collaboration is better. What information do you need to delete? What do you know that is no longer serving?

11. “Sell of Be Sold” was written in 3 hours. Self-published, with tons of grammar mistakes.

A. Most of you are so worried about getting it right, you never get it at all.

12. Never solve your kids problems, let them solve them!

13. Don’t hold your kids in the pool, let them hold you.

14. Use the conflict to separate yourself in the marketplace.

15. Database

A. Never stop calling them. You think they’ll never sell that home? They will be a client again!

16. Just getting by is selfish. It’s selfish to be poor. What if your mom gets sick? What if your church is in need?

17. Put a business plan together to do 1,000 deals a year. What would have to change to make this a reality?

18. It is easier to be massively successful than it is to “just get by.” Just getting by is HARD!!

19. My job with my kids is to teach them what they can do. You teach them to read and teach them addition, I’ll teach them MULTIPLICATION!!

20. Obscurity is the first problem you have, then scarcity. The state of being unknown, inconspicuous or unimportant. Negotiate the gap, not the total.

A. If you see strawberries priced for $3.99, but are $1.99 on the other side of town, are you going to spend the extra money in fuel to drive there an get the cheaper strawberries? NO! Negotiate the difference, and get your strawberries now!

21. I have $600,000,000 in debt. I LOVE my debt! Why not? Someone else is paying for it.

22. People NEED to know you, and they cannot forget you.

23. Scarcity: You can’t be on offense and defense at the same time!! You win on offense, not on defense. Spend 99% on offense, 1% on defense. Let’s go get a deal!

24. Commit first, and figure the rest out later. I get more leads on YouTube than any other place. Should be doing a video every single day. “Hey check out this house...here’s why you want it...JUST DO IT!”

25. If you lack in creativity and energy, it’s because you lack commitment. You should be so committed that it pulls you out of bed in the morning and propels you through the day!

26. Instagram works FOR FREE! Put it to work!

27. To become president, you’ve got to get half of the people to not like you. So what, they know me and I’m gonna use that.

28. Free-time is the worst drug on the planet! Who cares if you’re only making 5%...what is it making sitting in your bank. You’re making money and paying it down. What’s your other option? Save your money and buy later at a higher price and higher interest rate??

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