• Katlyn Selleck

How to Have the Ultimate Cozy Night In This Season

With the light disappearing and frost engulfing our homes, the autumn season in Michigan brings unpredictability and the perfect time to settle down and embrace hygge. If you haven’t heard of the popularized Danish word, it’s best described as a feeling of coziness and comfort through enjoying the simple things in life. With everything the autumn and winter season brings, it’s time to bring the warmth in by embracing hygge with a cozy night.

Let’s set the scene.

Bubble, bubble, soak away your troubles. Before your planned evening, I suggest taking a pop into Lush to see what seasonal items they’re carrying. Stock up on bath bombs, scrubs and face masks because they’re essential in your relaxation routine. Taking a good soak in an aroma filled, colorful bath can be escalated to the next level with reading a good book or watching a few episodes of your favorite Netflix show.

After you've soaked away the stress of the day, break out the candles. There’s something special about lighting your home by flickering candle light; it instantly reigns in the cozy atmosphere and sets the mood for a comfy night. Place a few logs on the fire to create a crackling serenade amongst the scent of seasonal candles and grab your favorite blankets to create the comfiest space for you to ultimately relax. With the holidays around the corner, also make sure to decorate your home. I always feel relaxed when my home is cluttered with fall and Christmas decorations and the faint glow of the tree in the living room. It brings a comforting nostalgia that creates a warm and cozy environment we need for a relaxing night.

With the scene set, let's move on to events.

We all need a tranquil night after a long week of the self-induced exhaustion we call work and pajamas, fuzzy socks, an oversized sweatshirt and baggy sweats are crucial for executing your cozy night. Drain the tub and throw on your comfiest clothes because there's no worse feeling than restricting clothes when trying to embrace hygge.

Now I solely believe the importance of the early stated prerequisites, however, there's no such thing as a night in without delicious unhealthy comfort food. Take inspiration from Gilmore Girls and bring out the platters of pop tarts sprinkled with marshmallows, put a pizza in the oven and open that gallon of ice cream because you didn't put on those stretchy pants for nothing, right? Don't eat your food in the dining room though, bring it to the coffee table where in true Gilmore Girls fashion you can watch your favorite movie. Share your night in by inviting over your special person and tell them to bring their pajamas because whether it be a significant other or best friend, there's enough food to go around!

An essential to relaxation that I have found most beneficial is plugging my phone into its charger and leaving it be. Not scrolling endlessly on my phone already is a stress reliever, but not thinking about notifications and worrying about posting Instagram stories has allowed me to focus on my selfcare without distractions. While it can be difficult to give up your phone for a night, believe me when I saw you won't regret it!

It is important to value this night. You work hard, you carry heavy weights on your shoulders, so enjoy this night with selfcare, delicious food, comfy clothing and maybe a friend because you deserve it and you have earned it.

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