• Katlyn Selleck

How to Beat the Monday Blues

We all know the feeling of the dreaded, overwhelming Monday blues after a fun, relaxing weekend that’s come to its end. It’s a societal phenomenon that has swept the globe with tired, sad, even depressed feelings that haunt the start of our work weeks and drag through till the weekend. We are weighted down by the mere thought of having to journey through another work week just to reach the freedom at the end of the tunnel, but there are ways to fight back the Monday blues and make your Mondays just as enjoyable as Saturday.

Identify the Problem

You must source the conflict that is creating your blues. Could it be the type of work you’re doing? Maybe a colleague? Or is it a personal conflict? It is important to understand the obstacle so you can create a plan to resolve the issue. It is a hard truth that working is a necessity and all our realities, so let’s try and make it as smooth as possible.

A Steady Sleep Schedule

What can mess up your Mondays the most, is lack of sleep. It’s tempting to sleep in till noon on the weekends to catch up on some z’s but it can be detrimental to your internal clock and actually make your Mondays miserable.

While weekends are for relaxing and it’s good to allow yourself a little leniency, however, sticking close to your work week sleep schedule helps keep your body on track so when Monday rolls around again you are ready to wake up without feeling groggy.

Digital Detox

Although most of our work these days is on computers, it can be draining to stare at a computer screen 9-5, five days a week. A lot of burnouts, headaches and tiredness results from looking at screens all day, and we need to understand the importance of shutting off. A digital detox on the weekends can be beneficial to allow yourself to relax and recharge before starting over on Monday. Instead of scrolling on your phone, read a book, cook a meal, meet up with friends, to make that disconnection from work easier and give yourself room to breath. It can be difficult to step away, though it’ll make returning to work smoother.

Slow Down

Who ever said that you can’t take some days slower than others? Monday is the perfect day to take it slow, to ease back into the work week so you don’t develop burnout by Wednesday. Many people dread Mondays because it can be hectic compared to their fun-filled weekend, however it doesn't have to be. If you know you get the Monday blues, try preparing yourself on Fridays. Set work out that needs to be prioritized and try to accomplish more at the end of the week to lessen the workload for when you arrive back to work on Monday morning. Make the beginning of your week as easy as possible!

Some smaller ways to make Monday easier is wear comfier work clothes, eat a nice breakfast, and pack an amazing lunch. There’s nothing worse than having a bad Monday to ruin your entire week so take it slow and steady.

Don’t Save For The Weekend

Weekends are no doubt the highlight of many people's weeks, but that can lead to a terrible work week. If you’re excitedly waiting for the return of our beloved weekend come Monday morning, chances are you’re already feeling defeated. Having to wait five long days to experience the joy of two, is not a healthy mindset and will drag on those Monday blues. Plan an entertaining night during the week to help eliminate the urge for the weekend and keep you motivated throughout the week. Invite friends to go bowling or bring the fun home with take-out and movies. Don’t save yourself for the weekend when you can have fun all week!

Listen to Music

Music is the spice of life. It keeps the good mood flowing and can keep you motivated even in difficult times. To conquer those Monday blues, put on some tunes while getting ready in the morning and on your way to work. The music will prepare you for the noise of work and will amp you up for the long day ahead. If listening to music at work is allowed, I suggest playing some Lofi tunes. With no lyrics and a steady beat it will keep you awake while keeping you focused.

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