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Family Reunion Marketing Mastermind Notes

Didn't make it to Family Reunion?

Check out our notes from the Marketing Mastermind below! If you have any more questions, please send us a message!

Video content

How to produce it quick and polished. Just do it.

Quality doesn’t equal prosperity. It’s all about the relationship. Doing spotlights on local businesses. We also post on Instagram.

Karen Carr is teaching class at Family Reunion.

Confirm appts via video text.

Open house visitors. Send those people a video text of the house behind you and state here’s a link of 4 other homes that are similar

Sends a 30 second video every Monday to the client as to what is going on with their home process. They get to know you so when they come to an event there is a connection.


Create a calendar of what you want to do.

Utilize interns – no cost

Business videos – ask them to have something to give away.

Birthday videos send to forever clients

Social media posting

Posting on fb page. Are you collecting information (leads) need to start collecting info.

Doesn’t cost you anything to put stuff out there. LHG post 3 times a day.

Avg life of a fb post is 27 seconds

Posting about events going on in the area. No one cares about what you sold.

How do you track the ROI – certain things we put money behind. We pull analytics

Instead of having here’s our new listing. Put something about the home that is a great feature.

What’s you got Wednesday. Agents do a video of what their clients are looking for. Plus, all listings go live on Wednesday and post as well.

Instagram is hard to get increases. Take over Tuesday. Agents in the market center and they do a day and life of their agents and invite their personal audience to check it out.

Find people who have a lot of followers and get them to name drop you

Mike Feldman has 3000 followers check him out

Use hashtags and tag the community, newspapers, radio stations

Website leads pixel

When you put a pixel in, so you know who comes to your website. Re targeted

Point is to bring them back.

Door to door every quarter, they get newsletter, here you on the radio,

Client appreciation party

Some do an appreciation party every quarter. This is up to you. Start small

Lunch n learn, seller program, buyer program, you can do small or big.

Forever clients we do 5 events a year. Date Night (take and go pizza), Adult Client Appreciation (music, apps & beverages) Pie Give Away (Thanksgiving), Orchard Event (for our forever clients and their families, and Santa Pictures.

The PR plan is very important prior to the events.

Look for sponsorship to off set your cost of an event.

Ask for review pre event. Currently pushing google.

Send out an email with a link to the google spot to leave a review

Also you can text it out this works better

Integrate twillo

Make sure you respond to the review once they post it

Open house events have moved to google platform vs fb you can link to your backend site. You can link to fb page too. This is free

Change your google photos at every event.

Command emailing

5000 free per month

Hyper local smart plans. There are newsletters to send out.

Check out the marketplace on command

Partnership cross brand – partnership with local businesses. Are they willing to contribute to a mailing? Offer something / service to people.

Command large teams is not ready yet.

Announcements this weekend coming for several apps etc.

Start with your sphere of influences put in chunks of 50.

Effectiveness of hiring VA marketing person

To much work as you have to provide them with local info.


Takes a while and be consistent. Just listed just sold and newsletters. Just doing direct mail.

Callrail is a phone solution you can tie it to slack and you can record.

Direct mail

Clipper magazine – running approximately 17cents per 10,000 printed and mailed

Marketing ideas biggest bang for your buck

Bret – simple videos

Internet leads 10-1 ROI

Agent referrals

Deep relationship/small groups

What marketing parallel with something else

Quickest return for marketing

Drip campaigns

Send a text on their birthday and this can be done thru command.

Internet leads

Client clubs / membership

Contest – sporting events – run every week – concert or game tickets and have 10-15 winners.

Client reviews

Next door group

Community fb groups

Fb business page vs fb group

Doing surveys

Fb with avatar in groups

Check out Nikki Klein fb group

Follow up with accountable once you get the lead

Fb will do a free ½ hour of training

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