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Customer Appreciation: Date Night

Hi KW Family! Are you searching for an idea for your next great client appreciation event? One of our favorite LHG events is "Date Night". Read below for a step by step guide to an event like this.

Our Invitation Mailer

Step 1: Pick a Venue

We wanted to bring in more participation from our past clients. We were finding that people did not want to drive out to the office to pick up the food and drink. Therefore, we decided to pick a location that’s easier access to our clientele. Downtown Grand Rapids is a thriving location with lots of local restaurants to choose from. In the past, we’ve had great experiences with the Downtown Market area, so we partnered with

local restaurant Slo’s Bar-B- Q. They were a great choice because of their great takeaway

package and catering experience.

Step 2: Pick a Food

Once we chose Slow’s, we were given a wealth of food options to offer our clients. Pizza was not cutting it anymore, so Slo’s offered a variety of foods they cater that fit the bill for something fresh. Past clients will now receive pulled pork, chicken strut, mac and cheese, pit smoked beans, and Slo’s signature BBQ sauce.

Step 3: Pick a Drink

With the new venue, we decided to put our money more into the food options rather than the drinks. Instead of beer and wine, we chose to offer a two-liter of soda to our customers instead. It may have been more cost effective, but our clients were getting tasty, fresh food because of it.

Step 4: Pick a Date

Once we figured out the logistics of the event, we figured out a date with Slo’s to put on Date Night. We figured a Friday would get a larger crowd to start their weekend off right. There’s no perfect day to do a Date Night event, because everyone deserves a Date Night year-round. To advertise the event, we had the marketing team create a postcard to send out to past clients with information about the event. We also post on social media leading up to the event. It’s important to remind your clients about the event through different platforms.

Step 5: Pick it Up

It’s that simple! Pick a venue, pick a food, pick a drink, pick a date, and they can pick it up! This event has proven to be extremely successful for the company, and we always receive great feedback. We are continuously trying to make this event bigger and better every year because of our wonderful responses from our clients.

If you are in need of an easy way to show thanks to your clients, plan a Date Night! Everyone deserves a Date Night!

Advertising the Event:

We also create a series of scheduled social videos to remind our clients of the event. We do this for each event we host. Examples videos below.

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