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Christmas Decoration Ideas

The Christmas season is the most wonderful time of the year— snow, Christmas music, colorful lights, baking, family time, hot cocoa, fuzzy sweaters, cozy blankets, cheesy Christmas movies, gift-giving, and of course the beautiful Christmas tree. Normally, when Thanksgiving has passed it is time to bring the Christmas spirit into your home. That means it is time to decorate and pick out the Christmas tree!

On the Friday after Thanksgiving (Black Friday), my family and I take a short 5-minute drive to Horrocks Nursery Farms in Ionia! (That’s where I am from) We wade through rows of Christmas Trees and finally agree on the perfect one. My dad and brothers chop it down and then we head to the bailer! At Horrocks in Ionia, they have a free hot cocoa bar and multiple cute set-ups for you to take a family picture! Normally, they would have a wagon ride but due to Covid-19, they had to cancel that this year. I love decorating the Christmas Tree especially with the ornaments we have accumulated amongst my family. My mom has a champagne-colored, Scandinavian themed tree but you will always find colorful ornaments from our childhood and from our trips that we want to be recognized on our tree.

Decorating your home and your tree can become a tradition for most families. I know it has become one for mine. My mom and I love Christmas decorations, and always make it a special occasion when we must decorate the tree or go up to the cottage to decorate for Christmas. During Christmas, your home becomes something out of a fairytale. You have snow-covered trees outside that look magical and stark white, your fireplace is roaring, and all around you are cute Christmas decorations that make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Since, moving into downtown Grand Rapids with my roommates we have had to become creative, aesthetically pleasing, and innovative with our Christmas décor. We want those same cozy, festive, fuzzy feelings at our childhood homes to be replicated at our college home over the holidays. Here are a couple of cute, easy DIY Christmas decorations that you can do at your home to spruce up your décor for the holidays!

(image by hellolovelystudio)

Simple, Festive Garlands

Oranges seem to be all the rage lately. Specifically, dried oranges. And yes, my roommates and I have hopped on that trend. At first, we dried oranges and hung them as garlands for Fall and then put the extras in mason jars to use for cocktails. But now it seems we can easily turn those Fall garlands into Christmas garlands. Yay! Now, place those garlands along your mantles, open shelving, or along large windows and pair it alongside garlands of cranberries, natural wooden beads, spruce garlands, gold bells, or even tie a couple of cinnamon sticks and star anises up among the oranges! It will be so cute, I promise! It is so easy to do and super cost-effective! All you have to do is dry some oranges, tie them through, and mix and match with other garlands and it looks like a Christmas dream!

Here is a link on how to dry oranges: https://www.popshopamerica.com/blog/how-to-make-dried-orange-slices/

(image by we_dabble)

Paper Bag Snowflakes = a Winter Wonderland

Now, this is like stepping up your elementary school snowflake cutting game and taking it to the next level. But now, you might be more creative and safer using those scissors! This décor idea is one of my favorites and I can’t wait to do this soon with my roommates to make our home into a winter wonderland! You can put these snowflakes anywhere! Decorate your windows with them, put them over your children’s beds or cribs, hang them behind the tree, dangle them behind your couch, or simply hang them above your dining table. They are simple, easy, and inexpensive to make and maybe you could turn cutting snowflakes with your family into a yearly Christmas tradition!

Here is a link on how to make paper bag snowflakes: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/70437484046148/

(image by decouvrirdesign)

Minimalistic Christmas Touch

This decorating idea is for those who don’t want their homes to be adorned with “in your face” Christmas décor. Which is perfectly fine and beautiful nonetheless! I love greenery and I love taper candles. This is the best of both worlds! Also, I love wine so it’s three awesome things in one! This Christmas Décor idea is perfect for your dining table, lone counter corner in your kitchen, or even next to your jacuzzi tub. This décor idea gives off romantic, minimalistic vibes and would look awesome next to a tub of bubbles and candlelight!

(image by zen.yandex.ru)

Whimsical Christmas Dream

Now, this look can’t be done easily with DIY. My roommates and I just did this look over our huge, picture window in our living room. We have boho, rattan stars, gold glitter snowflakes, and antique, brushed gold glass stars hanging at different levels from our window trim. We tied them up with clear, stretchy rubber string and hung them from clear, command strip hooks. It looks so pretty I can’t get over it. The mix of glitter, rattan, and antique glass looks so great together and truly brings in that whimsical Christmas feeling! We bought these decorations at our new favorite store, Commune in Eastown, and we highly recommend you go there!

Here are a couple of stores around the GR area that have awesome Christmas Décor!

· Commune – Eastown

· Rebel – Eastown

· Flowerland – Alpine and 28th Street

· Horrocks Market – 44th Street

Also, Target, World Market, Home Goods, and Hobby Lobby, but you guys already knew that!

(image by twelveonmain)

Mason Jar Snow Globes

Mason Jar Snow Globes are so sweet and lovely. They are super unique and look adorable adorning bookshelves, coffee tables, mantles, or even your baby’s nursery. They are whimsical, dreamy, and brighten any room with their unique display of glass and white, fake snow. My mom made these for our cottage’s Christmas décor and they turned out wonderful. My mom would buy little sets of plastic Christmas trees and attack them with fake snow and glitter. Some of the snow globes have little snowmen, deer, or even a small, decorative little house. She would paint them all white and stick glitter to them and then glue them strategically inside the jar. For some jars she would put the landscape on the bottom of the jar, for others she glued them upside down to the lid and turned the jar upside down so the lid was on the bottom and the glass rounded up like an actual snow globe. This is such an easy Christmas décor idea and super fun to do and be creative with!

Here is a link on how to make mason jar snow globes: https://www.twelveonmain.com/easy-to-make-mason-jar-christmas-scenes/

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