• Elizabeth Listerman

6 Reasons Why You Should Move to Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is a dream come true. It’s a city that encompasses a small community but is large enough to be the second biggest city in Michigan. You have local restaurants, an abundance of breweries, cutesy shops, kind residents, beautiful scenery, inventive concepts, and of course the Grand River. Grand Rapids is the perfect city for anyone dreaming of having a small-town feel in a big city lifestyle. But of course, if you yearn for that countryside then Grand Rapids has amazing towns sitting on the outskirts waiting to be explored!

Grand Rapids is growing-- and growing fast. It is no surprise that it is in such high demand. It has everything and beyond. Grand Rapids has so many career opportunities, as well as is perfect for every kind of lifestyle. Here are some reasons why Grand Rapids is the complete package!

1. Nonstop Growth in Downtown Scenes

Grand Rapids is constantly reconstructing. That might suck for some locals with traffic, construction noises, and all. But we all know it is for the best. Bridge Street has taken a turn. It used to be run-down and barren, but now look at it! It is home to wonderful breweries, unique restaurants, and now the Bridge Street Market! Bridge Street was desolate-- now it is popping, trendy, and the place to be. Bridge Street is not the only street that has received a makeover. Eastown has upped its ante, becoming one of the best areas in Grand Rapids to walk down-- the red brick road, coffee shops, local boutiques, and eclectic restaurants! Next, we hope to see Leonard Street get its well-deserved makeover!

2. Arts that sets the City Apart

Art is a huge component of Grand Rapids. There are murals everywhere, elements of art in downtown architecture, sculptures speckled in-between teeming skyscrapers, art schools and museums littering the streets, and of course our yearly ArtPrize event. Grand Rapids prides itself on being home to a creative community full of imagination, innovation, and original artists. Therefore, ArtPrize exemplifies celebrated and upcoming artist's pieces for everyone to see for 19 straight days in September each year. This event is a well-renowned festival that people from all over Michigan and beyond come to Grand Rapids to witness. Not only is it a great opportunity for artists to display their work, but it also brings in business and tourism for local businesses in downtown Grand Rapids. It’s nice to see the streets filled with ecstatic people from around the US looking at beautiful works of art, as well as enjoying a coffee or lunch at a local hub!

3. Local Breweries turned Famous Staples

Of course, many know that Grand Rapids is known as Beer City USA for some reason. The reason being that Grand Rapids boasts more craft beer (80+) per square mile than any other place on Earth. From big-name breweries to local, experimental home brewers, Grand Rapids has all the beer and more! Grand Rapids' own, Founders Brewing Company, brought a spotlight to Grand Rapids when it flourished with popularity and became the most recognizable and successful brewery in the country. This brought beer patrons to visit the infamous brewery found in Downtown Grand Rapids and people began recognizing the city as a beer hub due to Founder’s neighbors being also locally recognized breweries!

4. Impressive Entertainment District

There is not a night where something isn’t happening in downtown Grand Rapids. The bustling little city is home to an abundance of entertainment venues: Van Andel Arena, 20 Monroe Live, The Intersection, H.O.M.E., The Pyramid Scheme, and now Studio Park! You can watch a hockey game on Friday night down at Van Andel and the next night you can cross the street and see Lord Huron in concert at 20 Monroe Live! Music and athletic games aren’t the only events hosted at these venues, but also rodeos, comedy shows, raves, drag shows, truck derbies, symphonies, and of course Studio Park offers outdoor movies! The entertainment district is growing and flourishing. Every concept is keeping up with modern trends which makes every experience exciting and new. Grand Rapids never has a boring night!

5. Not just a One Hit Wonder City

Grand Rapids is also known as Furniture City, but that isn’t the only area that Grand Rapids specializes in. Grand Rapids offers a variety of opportunities and has many big box companies, but it also has room for independent career residents—and thrives from it! Companies like Steelcase, Herman Miller, and Haworth are all in a thirty-minute radius from Grand Rapids, deeming it Furniture City. But it is also home to Amway, Meijer, and the Medical Mile! Meaning that there is a hand in every type of career path in Grand Rapids: manufacturing, marketing, medical, engineering, and so much more! Hopefully, Grand Rapids will continue to grow, and we will continue to see a steady spike in employment opportunities! And with Grand Rapids growing numbers and development we know that has to be the case!

6. Friendly and Charitable Philanthropists

Peter Secchia, who has recently passed away on October 21st at the age of 83, a local philanthropist and former US ambassador to Italy, died in his Eastown home from the effects of COVID-19. He was a wonderful, charitable, and genuine person who gave a lot of his time and work to the West Michigan area and Michigan State University. Secchia helped implement The Secchia Center that opened on the Medical Mile through MSU. He was integral in Republican causes and was close friends with local former President Gerald R. Ford and his wife, Betty Ford, who he supported every step of the way by being on the executive committee for Ford’s foundation. Secchia is one of many philanthropists in the area. The DeVos Family is famous among Michiganders and among the US. The DeVos family co-founded Amway and owned the Orlando Magic. They have implemented many employment opportunities, created ArtPrize, and have increased Grand Rapids' infrastructure. They are highly involved in politics, Betsy DeVos, being the current US Secretary of Education. They have many foundations including the infamous Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, and others that support civic, artistic, educational, religious, and community organizations. Grand Rapids has a community full of givers and philanthropists who only want the best for their city!

Grand Rapids is becoming a hotspot for millennials and we hope that it continues to grow with the generations. Grand Rapids deserves a community that understands how great it is, and how much it offers for its residents. It is full of beauty, art, culture, delicious food, and a pristine downtown atmosphere! We hope you think of Grand Rapids as your next destination, either to visit or settle down in!

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