• Sydney Swenson

5 Tips for Attending an Open House

An open house allows you to see the inside of a home up close and personal. If you are house hunting or just starting the home buying process, this is a great way to start looking. Going to an open house can be an eye-opening experience that comes with lots of benefits.

Here are a five tips for when you attend an open house.

1.) Look past Staging

Many homes are staged in a particular style which may not match your taste. However, it's important to see the house with open eyes. Maybe the curtains are blocking out natural sunlight or beneath the rug is beautiful wood flooring. You can always paint the walls a new color too! Look beyond the setup.

2.) Take Your Time

You won't be able to see the details of a house if you do a quick walkthrough. Take your time to walk around and get a feel for the home. Ask if you can see the closet and storage space. This could be your future home so it's important to imagine yourself living there.

3.) Discuss Later

It's most likely a real estate agent will be hosting the open house, but it's still important not to talk smack. You never know if the seller is around or even if a neighbor stopped by to take a look. Always save your opinions for after the open house and then talk about your likes and dislikes.

4.) Ask the Listing Agent Questions

Now is your time to speak up and ask any clarifying questions about the home. Are there any special assessments or other fees? Have there been any price changes? How old is the roof? The listing agent will be happy to answer.

5.) Do Your Research

Even before the open house, you can find lots of information on the property online. Take the time to learn about the neighborhood and school district. Take measurements of your furniture beforehand. This will make you well prepared and confident for the open house.

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