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5 Moving Tips to Save You Time and Money

Packing all of your life’s belongings into boxes may sound impossible, but it is possible! Believe us, we are the experts.  With these eight moving tips and tricks, you can be moving experts too!

1. Label Boxes

Moving includes packing and unpacking, and labeling your boxes can help with both processes. Organizing your belongings by the room and contents will save you time when you unpack.

2. Pack essentials separately

This may be one of the most helpful when you're all moved in. If you pack your essentials into a seperate box, finding your toothbrush, phone charger and sandals will be a lot easier if they are in the same box rather going through three different boxes.

3. Move less stuff

This one may seem the most obvious. Less stuff equals less to move. So before the big move throw a garage sale, donate unused items, throw out, recycle, or give away any items that you don't use anymore.

4. Use clothing as packing material

When packing away dishes and glasses it is important to pack them away so they do not break on the move.  One way you can do that is use clothing like t-shirts or towels/wash cloths. By doing this, you are packing two items in one.

5. Local deals save you money

U-Pack is one of Homes for Heroes Local Deals specialists.  They offer $10 off of any purchase over $100 that includes supplies and/or moving boxes.  They also offer $50 off on moving services for any military member.

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