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5 Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

It is finally October and we are all preparing for the spooky season to come! One staple that brings joy to all our lives during the fall is decorating pumpkins, and while store bought stencils are always fun, it has come to my attention that people are leveling-up their pumpkin carving game with easy alternatives that look stunning. Let’s jump on this bandwagon and go over a few ways to spice up your pumpkins to make your front porch look spooky and dazzling this October.

Painted Pumpkins

Orange pumpkins, so last year, because people are breaking out their paints and giving their typical orange pumpkins a fresh face. It is all over Pinterest: white pumpkins, black pumpkins, multicolor, and metallic. It’s ingenious, how have we not thought of this sooner? Painting pumpkins have become the new normal and I am living for it. If you want to amp up your paint job, use glow in the dark paint to make your pumpkin stand out when the sun goes down.

Ideas for decorating:

  • Galaxy pumpkin. Paint your pumpkin with a dark base color. Sponge brighter colors onto the pumpkin to resemble a galaxy. Add small glow in the dark spots to resemble sparkling stars.

  • Spooky talk. Paint your pumpkin black or white. Use a stencil or freehand a Halloween saying onto your pumpkin in the opposite color. Tie a festive bow onto the stalk or sprinkle glitter onto your freshly painted saying for a little extra flare!

  • Use puffy paint. Paint your pumpkin black. Draw spider web designs onto your pumpkin with white puffy paint to make those webs stand out. Try it with other designs to add dimension to your pumpkins.

  • Marbling. This works better with smaller pumpkins painted white so the colors will pop! Grab your favorite colors and a plastic container filled ¾ full with water. Pour the paint into the container (most paint will float on the surface). Holding onto the stem, dip the pumpkins into the water, swirling, to evenly coat the pumpkin with a cool marbling effect!

Holey Pumpkins

If paint is too messy, another beautiful alternative to carving is drilling holes into your pumpkins. Using a drill with different size drill bits, you can create unique designs from carving words to intricate patterns that are beautiful once backlit with a candle. This is a simple way to make your pumpkins standout while also sticking to the traditional look of carved pumpkins. This alternative can be paired with paint and glitter as well to make your pumpkins look glammed up during the day!

Ideas for decorating:

  1. Bring the night sky onto your pumpkin! Drill holes into your pumpkin where stars would be in a constellation. To connect the “stars” use a knife to cut small strips in between to complete your constellations. Light your pumpkins candle and you’re finished!

  2. Do you have multiple pumpkins? Using a large drill bit, drill holes to spell out ‘Boo’ with each pumpkin having one letter. To make it more unique, use a small drill bit to create a design around the letters.

Cookie Cutter Pumpkins

Now if you want to stick to carving pumpkins, there’s a new and improved method that eliminates the tedious time of traditional carvings. Cookie cutters. People have discovered that their cookie cutters aren’t just for the kitchen, but can be used to carve pumpkins!

What you need: Cookie cutters of your choosing, a block of spare wood, a hammer.

What to do: Place your cutter where you want the carving to be on the pumpkin. Position the wood over the cutter then start hammering. This will cut a perfect shape into your pumpkin and your cookie cutter won’t get damaged in the process.

Safe Ideas for Kids

Since pumpkin decorating is not only for adults (we’re all children at heart), why not help your kids create a popular spooky or Disney character with their pumpkins this year!

Instead of using sharp carving tools, run to the store and pick up gauze and googly eyes because we’re making a mummy! Simply wrap the entirety of their pumpkin with white gauze. Next add two large googly eyes and then wrap around the eyes with more gauze to create that perfect mummy effect.

Want more? Grab one large pumpkin and two small ones. On the large pumpkin, carve or paint a smiling Mickey Mouse face. Next we need to prep the ears. Push multiple skewers into the bottom of each small pumpkin. Then, position and push each small pumpkin where Mickey’s ears would be into the larger pumpkin. Now you have a mickey mouse and mummy to add to your pumpkin collection!

Pumpkin Turned Fairy House

If all these ideas are too simple, and you want to impress everyone that comes to your front door this fall, make your pumpkin into a fairy house. This cute idea is perfect to indulge your creativity in this fall! Pick up bits from your local craft shop or take a visit to the forest to collect sticks, moss and stones. A fairy house can be anything you imagine it as so don’t be afraid to experiment.

To make a nature inspired fairy house, cut out a few holes for windows. Within the holes, poke sticks into the window spaces to resemble window panes. Hot glue or tie sticks in a parallel order to create a door and glue this to your pumpkin. To make a roof, gather or buy moss and lay it on top to create a hobbit house aesthetic. Hot glue small pebbles around your windows and door to make it extra cozy and now you have a cute fairy house made from a pumpkin. If you want to add a spooky element to your house, place a pumpkin fogger and colored light within your pumpkin to make it a creepy witch’s house!

These ideas are the perfect alternatives to traditionally carving your pumpkins and don't be afraid to combine a few of these ideas to make your front porch the neighborhood favorite this fall season!

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