• Elizabeth Listerman

The Perfect House Plants for Your Home

House plants are universal. They do so much without doing anything at all. They added texture, color, depth, and life to my house without being too expensive or too needy. For a girl who loves to be pampered but does not want to give it back, I can tell you that all my plants have been neglected, but are thriving, nonetheless. House plants really can survive on the bare minimal, which make them the perfect addition to a busy and bustling lifestyle.

In total I can count that I have 15 house plants, and each one is better than the last, except for my pothos plants, they are superior and highest among all house plants, but I will tell you more about that later. For now, I will go through every plant that I believe adds character to a home but is also easy to tend based off my own experiences.

1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Difficulty: 1/5

This cute, leafy tree has a lot of character. During the summer months, it loves being watered every couple days just to keep the roots a bit moist, but during winter you can slow down the water intake and begin watering it once a week. Fiddle’s love indirect sunlight and continue to grow leaf by leaf depending on their care. To me, I love a small compact fiddle leaf fig, so I am not bothered by the slow progress of its growth in height. But if you are looking for a larger, statement plant I have just the thing for you.

2. Monstera Deliciousa

Difficulty: 3/5

Monstera is exactly what is sounds like, a monster, depending on the size you buy. But for me, go big or go home, so I went all in. In my living room, I am a mother to a plant almost as big as me. Monstera’s are beautiful, and sure do make a statement in any room. Their tropical leaves make you feel as if you are on the beach in Cancun, but bring you back to reality when you look out the window and see Michigan’s cold, grey sky and the changing leaves. Monstera’s thrive in medium to bright indirect sunlight, and their leaves turn brown when exposed to too much sun. They can be watered once a week allowing for the soil to be dried out in-between. But do not overwater or their leaves will turn yellow and their stems will turn black. Also, monstera’s stems are heavy and therefore they tend to bow out, growing to the side and sagging instead of growing towards the sky. It might be necessary to teach them to grow upwards by either tethering them to a straight stick or pinning them into a moss pole. I have done this and feel like it doesn’t take anything away from the aesthetically pleasing style of the plant.

3. ZZ Plant

Difficulty: 1/5

Another big monster that I have in my house is the ZZ Plant. This one takes its refuge in my bedroom. A room that barely gets any light due to being an attic bedroom, but also deals with lack of AC in the summer, and in the winter, lack of heat. This plant is a beast if I ever saw one. Its size isn’t too huge, but it’s ability to survive on absolutely nothing baffles me. ZZ plants need little to no water, and same with sunlight. I honestly can’t comprehend the biology of this plant. I water this plant every two weeks, but nothing ever is a tell-tale sign if it needs it. My plant did have a couple new stems, and they did become yellow and shrivel up, but I just pruned them, and the plant still ended up looking great.

4. Jade Plant

Difficulty: 4/5

Jade plants are just weird. They are super cute and look and feel like a larger version of a succulent, yet they definitely are not. Jade plants require watering at least twice a week and full sun. My cats love this plant for some reason, so I always find its leaves scattered here and there around the house. Also, they are delicate so their leaves do not stay on super easily, so I guess I can’t fully blame my cats for ripping off their leaves when they actually just fall off with one touch. This plant is super cute, and compact, but recently is giving me more trouble than I would have hoped for.

5. Snake Plant or Mother-in-law’s Tongue

Difficulty: 0/5

This plant, like the ZZ plant is indestructible. My roommate harbors this plant in her bedroom, and knowing her, I know this plant hasn’t been watered in weeks. This plant needs little to no water, as well as sunshine, and looks great in any setting. Their leaves are hard and rigid, hence it’s name, and look super cute in a plant stand sitting in any odd, dark corner.

6. Pilea or Chinese Money Plant

Difficulty: 1/5

This super quirky, and unique plant has always been a favorite of mine. Its little pancake leaves look so alien, but so spunky as well. This plant requires weekly watering, but instead prefer the comfort of a shady spot to a sunny spot. This little plant is also a self-propagator and sprouts little stems here and there creating a foliage of mixed long and short stems, and small and large coin-sized leaves.

7. Pothos

Difficulty: 0/5

Finally, we have the pothos plant. My lifeline, my rock, and my hero. This plant has it all. This plant comes in many varieties. Its leaves can vary from dark green, light green, and marbled with white. The vines cascade, and look awesome dwindling down a bookshelf, hanging from a macramé planter, or cascading over your open kitchen shelving. This plant encompasses the vine aesthetic you might be looking for when it comes to a plant with a lot of movement or depth. Pothos can live in any light setting, I have some in bright indirect light, and others with little to no light. Pothos will tell you when they need water by curling their leaves in, but just to be sure I water once a week. To clean their leaves, you can literally let them shower with you by taking them in the shower, or just run them under a sink head. They also propagate beautifully. I cut them off after their bud and set them in water, and slowly but surely, they will create new roots that you can re-pot and grow into a whole new plant.

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