• Lauren Hendrick

Back to School is Different this Year

Fall is usually a time of excitement as students and teachers prepare to go back to school. This year, is a whole new ballgame. It can be nerve wracking as a parent or guardian, or as a family member/friend of a teacher to watch them go back to school during this pandemic. It is important to work together to make these transitions as smooth and safe as possible.

Some schools are doing a hybrid approach, where students will be in the classroom for two days, and online two days. The districts doing this will split each graduating class into two groups (Group A and Group B) determined by last name.

Public schools are also offering a remote learning option, as no school wants to put any student or family in an uncomfortable position.

Each public school is striving to make the best and safest decision when it comes to what approach is chosen.

While there are many things that feel out of our control, it is important to focus on what is. For students, this means wearing a mask all day while at school, washing your hands often, applying hand sanitizer and being considerate of the people around you. Teachers plan on doing the same.

Having a good attitude and outlook on these unprecedented times is a huge game changer. Parents and teachers set the mood of a room. It is crucial to keep our heads up, take control of what we can and set ourselves up for success.

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