• Olivia Moran

Sustainable Products for Your Home!

There are plenty of small changes we can make to better the planet we live on, despite how challenging it may be to find them. Luckily, brands have recently been focused on becoming sustainable and eco friendly. The trouble with the growth we have seen in ‘green’ products, is deciding if the labels are accurate or just a marketing ploy. Below, we have compiled a list of eco friendly and sustainable home products that can be incorporated into your everyday life to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day: A company based in household cleaning supplies such as laundry detergent, dish soap, multi surface cleaner, etc. Not only do their products smell amazing, they are derived from essential oils so they are chemical free. Along with that, they are made cruelty free and in recycled packaging.

Stasher Bags: Plastic sandwich bags probably live in your kitchen pantry, so the harm in them often goes unnoticed. Stasher Bags is a company that makes reusable silicone bags, so you aren’t throwing them away after one use. This is helpful when packing up lunches, and will end up saving you a lot of money!

The Earthing Company: Most people know by now to bring their own grocery bags to the store, but something a lot of people forget is the plastic produce bags! Another small, single-use plastic that can easily be removed from your lifestyle. Amazon offers a lot of options for reusable produce bags, and The Earthling Company sells sets for all of your fruits and vegetables.

Love Beauty And Planet: A hair and body product line, aimed at promoting shorter showers to conserve water. This brand can be found at the drugstore, and is a cheaper sustainable option. Their packaging is 100% recyclable and carbon conscious!

While these products are a great first step, recognize that there is something you can be doing everyday to promote sustainability among yourself and your peers. Earth is a place we must take care of, as it is our only home. By making these small changes, you will slowly see just how beneficial they can be.

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