• Lauren Hendrick

Take Advantage of the Summer Weather to Improve Physical and Mental Health

Summer time doesn’t always seem to last too long in Michigan. So, now is the best time make it a goal for yourself to take advantage of the summer weather and long summer days!

  • Work-Days

Start a weekday by taking advantage of the summer day right away. If it is a work day for you, wake up early enough so you are able to have at least an hour of "you-time". Here is a good routine to follow in order to seize every opportunity to make your summer day worthwhile.

First, it is an accomplishment to wake up an hour earlier than normal! So, pat yourself on the back for that, you are already on to a good start.

Then, make some time for exercise. It is important to be active for 30 minutes a day, and has been proven to benefit our physical and mental health. Whether you decide to do an intense work out, or to go on a walk or bike ride, it will make you feel accomplished, and after committing to this routine, healthier.

Dress for success! Put effort into putting yourself together before work. It will make you feel confident and ready for the day.

Make sure you leave time to eat a nutritious breakfast. Our bodies need fuel in order to get through the day feeling good. Your brain will not function to the best of its ability without nutrition!

Take advantage of your ride to work: listen to your favorite song or practice affirmations for yourself. Remember you are worthy, awesome, and confident. Remind yourself of your strengths, give thought towards what you can improve, and be ready to tackle today’s tasks.

When you get home from work, if there is still daylight, make time to spend time outside. Fresh air is good for the mind! Read a book, talk to a friend, or call/spend time with a family member.

It is important for our bodies to drink water throughout the day, and to go to bed at a time where you will get eight hours of sleep!

  • Weekends

For summer weekends, make it an effort to invest time and energy into relationships. In the winter, less people leave their houses in attempt to avoid cold weather and dangerous roads. Take advantage of the warm weather before the winter season creeps in!

Sleep in, but don’t sleep the day away! Maintain the drive to wake up at a decent time and to get out and be active.

Especially during the weekends, it can be easy to waste the day away laying around after a long week of work. Sometimes, we need those days! However, we probably shouldn’t every weekend. Write down your routine for the weekend to get yourself moving and to make sure you are taking advantage of the long, beautiful summer days!

Your physical and mental health is priority. Summertime is a great time to begin a healthy routine that will leave you healthier and happier.

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