• Lauren Hendrick

Mason Jar Crafts for Summer

Mason Jars can be used for many different reasons, but the most fun way to use them is for crafts!

Summer Activity Jar for Kids:

  • Decorate your mason jar how you like, whether that is with paint, colored paper, stickers, etc.

  • Then label it: Activity Jar. Cut up a piece of paper into many small rectangles, then write a different summer activity on each one.

  • Reach in and pick one, then enjoy your activity!

Mason Jar Candle:

  • Decorate first! Paint, twine, gems, seashells, etc.

  • Fill the mason jar with fish rocks, marbles, or something similar to these!

  • Add a small candle to place in the center of the mason jar, slightly nestled

  • Light your candle and enjoy!

Birthday Party Utensil Holder:

  • Decorate the jars to match the theme of your birthday party! If there is no designated theme, paint them however you would like. A popular trend for this is to paint them like a fruit or food, since they will most likely be placed next to food.

  • If you use paint, let them dry overnight.

  • Assign each jar to a specific utensil, and admire your great party favor!

Summertime “Firefly” Lantern:

  • Create a summertime décor piece that encompasses the aesthetic of summer nights!

  • Pick out your favorite shade of green that reminds you of summer grass. Set the jar on a surface (preferably with newspaper or something under it that you don’t mind getting paint on). Then start at the bottom of the brush and swipe up about an inch or two. Repeat this all the way around the jar.

  • Place small string lights in the jar to create a firefly look.

  • Enjoy your summer lantern decoration.


  • Create a unique flower vase! Decorate however you want.

  • Allow the jar to dry overnight.

  • Place fake flowers in them! Real flowers would be too difficult to manage in a jar, but fake ones are just as beautiful!

  • Set on a table, counter, or wherever your heart desires.

  • Enjoy your new decoration!

There are so many different ways to make a craft and/or decoration out of mason jars this summer! Be creative, have fun and enjoy your summer.

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