• Kathryn Kanuszewski

7 Garden Veggies to Plant in July

Before the first hard frost hits in the Fall, get your garden going this Summer. Grow some of your favorite vegetables right in your backyard and put together a delicious garden salad! Doing so may even save you a few bucks on the grocery bill.

What can you plant?

Summer squash

Squash boosts bone strength, your metabolism and is packed with vitamins!

  • Tips: Plant 3-6 feet apart 1 inch deep into soil. Check daily for insects as they are susceptible for diseases. Harvest your squash 45-60 days after planting.


Carrots help digestion, skin and eye health!

  • Tips: Spread seeds apart and rake soil over top of them. This veggie grows best with light contact to soil. Keep well watered/moist. Harvest 50-80 days after planting.


Radishes are high in vitamins, antioxidants and fiber!

  • Tips: Plant 1 inch apart with about ½ inch of soil. Harvest 4 weeks after planting.


Lettuce keeps you hydrated with its high water content and provides a good source of potassium!

  • Tips: Plant butterhead or romaine seeds 6 to 8 inches apart about ½ inch deep. This veggie grows best in cool weather. When growing in the Summer, partial shade should be provided. Harvest 6-8 weeks after planting.


Spinach provides a great source of iron and vitamins!

  • Tips: Scatter seeds around the garden about 1 inch deep in a cool area. This veggie likes soil full of moisture, so water well! Harvest 35-45 days after planting.


Beets reduce inflammation and provide a great source of vitamins and minerals!

  • Tips: Soak seeds for 24 hours prior to planting. Plant in full sun about ½ inch deep and 1 - 2 inches apart. Harvest 55-70 days after planting.


Broccoli maintains healthy bones and is nutrient packed!

  • Tips: Plant seeds ½ inch deep and 3 inches apart. Water well. Harvest 100 - 150 days after planting. If grown from transplant, harvesting is between 55 - 80 days.

Happy Planting!

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