• Alyson Lemerand

DIY - Kids Summer Games

Looking for fun ways for your kids to enjoy the summer days without getting too hot in the sun? Here are three DIY water games that will keep your kids refreshed and entertained on a hot summer day! First, we have the water balloon pinata! All you will need is water balloons, string, and a stick! The kids will take turns trying to break the water balloons that will release the refreshing water! Check out the water balloon pinata here: water-balloon-pinata

Next, we have the Fill the Bucket with Water Race! All you need is two buckets and a sponge per team. Each player will fill one bucket with water, and the other will be empty. Then, you go to the full bucket, soak up as much water as you can with the sponge, and empty it over your empty bucket. The first player to the top wins! Check out the Fill the Bucket with Water Race here: fill-the-bucket-outdoor-water-game/

Lastly, we have the pool noodle sprinkler! All you need is four pool noodles, duct tape, scissors, string, and a hose. You can connect the pool noodles into a circular shape with duct tape, and after attaching the hose, it will be a fun sprinkler for the kids to run through! Check out more on the pool noodle sprinkler here: ultimate-pool-noodle-sprinkler/

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