• Lauren Hendrick

Summer Fitness Tips

Are you trying to whip yourself into shape this summer? Or just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

There are many ways to do so.

  • First, it is important to make a schedule. When there is a plan in place, it is easier to adapt to a routine. Set aside time for exercise, but be realistic about it! It is okay to set small goals and when the time is right, expand them.

  • Prepare and plan for healthy meals throughout the week. There are many times people need a “grab and go” option, so fast food is the resorting decision. Be ready for meals by meal prepping.

  • Use a reusable water bottle! Not only is this beneficial to the Earth, but also saves you money and time. Keep refilling that water bottle and drink it consistently throughout the day. Add a piece of fruit for delicious detox water.

  • Dedicate a few exercises that take advantage of the summer weather. This is a fun way to burn those calories. A few ideas for this could be: biking, swimming, tennis, etc.

  • Choose a summer fitness buddy! When you have a friend working out with you, and/or acting as an accountability partner, it makes it fun to crush the workouts.

  • If you are choosing to workout outside and want to avoid the heat, try getting it done before 10 a.m.

  • Wear sunscreen!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is worth it. Have fun and take it day by day!

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