• Lauren Hendrick

Moving Tips

Moving out of your home? Here are some tips to help you through the tedious process!

Before you move:

A beneficial and space-saving thing to do before you begin the moving process is to go through all of your clothes. Start a pile for donation and a pile you would like to keep. This not only pushes you to donate clothes you don’t wear anymore, but also saves a lot of time and space.

If possible, clean the house you are moving into. This will save the stress of trying to deep clean while trying to reorganize all of your belongings.

The moving process:

If you do not have enough boxes or travel bags, there is always the option of asking local stores and businesses for boxes they no longer need.

To avoid damage, be sure to package fragile items with bubble wrap or newspaper.

Label and/or color code (duct tape is a good option for this) the boxes to keep good organization.

Unbox room by room to avoid an unnecessary mess! This will save time and frustration.

Take a deep breath and know it is a process! It most likely won’t happen overnight, but soon enough you’ll be moved in and glad you did it in a strategic way.

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