• Lauren Hendrick

How to Start a Brand from Scratch:

If you are thinking about starting your own brand/business from scratch, here are a few tips:

  1. First, choose your target audience and then conduct research. Research your competitors as well. Get a feel for your target market.

  2. Think about the personality of the brand/business. What will you focus on? How will you make your brand relatable? How will you portray your business? How will you make your brand unique?

  3. A good way to identify your brand is to think of it as a “person”. Would your brand have a gender? Age? What would the wardrobe be like? – Think of questions you would have for a person you do not know, then answer them from the perspective of your brand.

  4. Choose your business name. Be creative!

  5. Choose the aesthetic of your brand – such as colors, font, logo, etc.

  6. Get help! Whether it is a friend or a professional, it is always beneficial to include a different perspective and fresh ideas to your business.

Building a brand/business from scratch is not easy, but it is doable if you are willing to put in the work and time. Seek advice from professionals, do your research and set goals. Good luck!

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