• Kathryn Kanuszewski

Maintaining Social Distance: Michigan Opening Its Doors Again

Once the U.S reopens and Michigan is without any restrictions we should continue to be vigilant of keeping the infectious virus, COVID-19, at bay. When we begin going back to work, visiting businesses that were closed and taking advantage of the summer heat at our beaches and public venues we need to know how to best refrain from spreading our germs.

Wear a Mask

All of us have experienced what it’s like to maintain a social distance to stay healthy and prevent others from becoming ill. It has been concluded, over the last few months, that wearing a mask definitely reduces the risk of spreading the disease. Wearing a mask or face covering reduces the risk of spreading your germs to other people via coughing, and sneezing ect. Another thing we've learned is that by standing 6-feet apart is the absolute least we can do. Sneezes and coughs can travel up to 20 feet plus so it’s safe to say that standing at even arm's reach is a no go. Being in a congested area indoors should be refrained for a while even after restrictions are lifted.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Take into account where you are going each day and if you should be covering up your mouth and nose. In a place like a small boutique store, airplane, bus or condensed space, the airflow circulation is very poor. These are places we should be the most worried about. In a state like Michigan where thousands of people are testing positive for COVID it is best to avoid or limit ourselves from going anywhere out of our home that is not essential. Michigan’s current workers that have been deemed essential and continuing their businesses should still take precautions even if they have the okay to provide services. Doing so would allow others peace of mind.

Being mindful of how germs can be spread is something everyone should know. A hand dryer for instance, is something most wouldn't think about spreading germs. Although, when you're in a confined space like a public bathroom and someone is drying their hands, that air is circulating around the entire space.

Lastly, trusting your community is one of the most important things we can do. We aren't able to trust store owners/businesses if they aren't willing to keep their supplies and workers as clean and protected as possible. If we can do this, we will maintain a safe recovery!

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