• Lauren Hendrick

Fun Activity To Do During Quarantine

A fun and creative way to keep yourself busy during the coronavirus stay-at-home order is bullet journaling. Bullet journaling is a way to stay in tune with yourself, organized and healthy. Bullet journals are a way to plan for the future, set goals and write down emotions.

You can get a bullet journal online for around $9, or you can use an old notebook you have laying around at home.

Grab any kind of writing utensil to get started. Most people use color, but you don’t have to.

Many bullet journal creators start the month by designing a page designated to that specific month. So if you started with the month of May, an idea could be to make the theme “flowers and rain” for the start of spring.

Other ideas for your bullet journal could include a weekly calendar, mood tracker, health tracker, favorite albums of the month, journal entry, a daily memory, etc.

Bullet journaling is all about relaxation, expanding your creativity and staying organized. Give it a try!

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