• Kayla Plastiak

At Home Exercises- No Weights Needed!

Have you been missing the gym since the stay at home order began? Are you feeling a little bit like a couch potato? How about using this time to get in shape, rather than binge watching Netflix shows! We’ve come up with a list of at home exercises that you can do that don’t require you to have a single weight in your house! Who said you can’t get in shape without a gym?

Deck of Cards

Got a deck of cards laying around? That’s all you’re going to need for this at home workout! We like to call this little routine “Death by Deck of Cards”. Want to know why? Here’s the rules:

- Hearts = Push ups

- Diamonds = V-ups

- Spades = Air squats

- Clubs = Burpees

- The number on the card pulled is the amount of reps that you do for each suit. If you pull a face card, you do 11 reps. If you pull an ace, you do 12 reps.

- Jokers in the deck? Don’t get rid of them. You just won yourself a 1-minute plank per Joker card.

1-Minute Cycle

One minute never feels long until you’re working out, right? Here’s a “simple” 1-minute cycle full of body weight exercises that you could do anywhere in your home!

- 1-minute high knees

- 1-minute jogging in place

- 1-minute jumping jacks

- 1-minute mountain climbers

- 1-minute lunges

- 1-minute plank

Cardio Time

Being stuck in the house has probably made you crave fresh air more than ever before. Here’s some simple ways to take advantage of the outdoors while also getting a good cardio workout in!

- If you’re not huge into running but want to be? An easy way to get yourself adjusting is to pop in some headphones, run outside for a whole song on your playlist, then walk for the next song. Continue this process until you feel as though you can step it up a bit! Change your workout to running for two songs, then walking for one, and keep at this process until you can go for a long, healthy run!

- Not into running but still want to soak up the sun? How about stairs? Even though businesses are closed, that doesn’t mean their outside stairs are! Pick a stop that you know has a lot of stairs and create your own workout with them! Whether that be running up and down them, one-legged hops up and down, or lunges up and down the stairs- all will work wonders and satisfy your outdoor cravings!

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