• Kayla Plastiak

Get Crafty with Wine Corks!

If you’re like a lot of, you may be trying to find ways to keep yourself busy. Or you may be kickin’ back and enjoying a nice glass (or two) of wine at night. What better way to keep yourself busy than reusing those wine corks for a classy, unique home decoration? We’ve collected a list of beautiful, easy ways to give those wine corks a new life!

Cork Candle Holder

This corky craft is super simple but looks beautiful at any time of the day! All you need is a few bottles of wine for those fancy corks, two clear glasses, and a candle! Whatever size fits your space best, just put a candle in a small glass, put that glass into a bigger glass and fill the surroundings with corks! Super simple, classy and unique!

Cork Placemat

Fun Fact! Did you know that cork is easy to cut and naturally waterproof? This couldn’t be more perfect for a placemat! Just grab about 50 corks, or fewer if you’d like a smaller sized placemat, horizontally cut each cork into about 5-6 pieces, place the cork pieces in your desired space and use hot glue to glue it all together! Easy, functional and gorgeous! Use it for decoration or to put hot pans on, or pretty much whatever your heart desires!

Cork Coaster

32 corks? That’s enough to make 4 beautiful cork coasters. Just add in some cork board, twine and a hot glue gun and you’ll be on your way to making these beauties! Just take 8 corks, lay them in a 2x2x2x2 pattern, glue them down to a piece of cork board cut to size, and wrap some twine around it once its dry! Now you’ll have beautiful coaster to host your next glass of wine!

As always, the Lucas Howard Group wants you to know that we are here to help during these challenging times. No matter how big or small, please contact us!

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