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Tips and Tricks During COVID-19

Here at The Lucas Howard Group, our thoughts and prayers are going out to everyone who has been impacted by COVID-19. For the individuals who are sick right now, we are hoping you have a speedy recovery. We also want to send a thank you to all the healthcare providers, first responders and essential workers during this time. Your selflessness, heart, and hard work is not going unappreciated. We want to remind everyone that we will get through this and come out stronger than ever before. Below are a few helpful tips and tricks during this time to keep you motivated, positive and on track for a successful future.

Working From Home Tips

Working from home is one of the many new things for a lot of us due to COVID-19. With this comes many new challenges. Trying to stay motivated, accomplishing all your daily tasks and staying away from distractions are just some of the new things we must deal with when transitioning to working from home. Below is a list of some helpful tips for working from home.

  1. Maintain your regular work hours as best as possible.

  2. Create a morning work routine to stick to everyday.

  3. Find a dedicated work/office space in your home.

  4. Set ground rules during your “working hours” with the other individuals living in your home.

  5. Maintain regular lunch and work breaks.

  6. Continue to communicate with your coworkers.

Stay Positive

Staying positive during this time is essential, as it can be easy to get wrapped up in all the negative thoughts and events happening around the world. Here’s some easy ways to brighten up your mood and days!

  1. You GET to stay in your house with your family, shelter, and food, not HAVE to. This is something many people do not have the luxury of, regards of the COVID-19 impacts.

  2. Here is something we do at The Lucas Howard Group to start each day off on the right foot: Say 3 positive affirmations about yourself (I am smart, I am fit, I am safe, etc.) aloud. Say 3 things you are grateful for aloud. Say 3 things you accomplished yesterday aloud. Say 3 things you’re going to accomplish today aloud. Taking a few moments every day to reflect on your life and accomplishments can really change the mood of your whole day!

  3. Do one thing for yourself every day. Whether that be reading a book, watching an episode of your favorite TV show, painting your nails, or pretty much anything you enjoy that really calms you! Use this time to recharge yourself and not push yourself to accomplish thousands of things each day.

Strengthen Relationships

With this current pause from “normal” life, you can use this time as an opportunity rather than a disadvantage to your life. Use this time to strengthen as many relationships as possible.

  1. This time away from everyone and everything is the perfect to get in touch with yourself. Eat healthier, start working out, or give yourself a spa/relaxation day. Remember that your relationship with yourself is the most important one. Using this time to maintain and better your mental health is a great opportunity.

  2. Check in with friends and family. They too will be struggling mentally and emotionally during this time, so this is a great time to take advantage of to strengthen those relationships. A simple phone call, text message or FaceTime could mean the world to some individuals during these challenging times. On top of that, you’re staying connected with those important to you while practicing social distancing!

  3. Evaluate your current religious beliefs and relationships. Are you where you want to be spiritually, or could you use this time to better that relationship as well? Be honest about where you are spiritually and where you would like to be. Take this time to strive for those spiritual goals.

As always, everyone here at The Lucas Howard Group would like to help you in as many ways as possible during these hard times. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask for help at (616) 893-6478 or through our website at https://www.lucashowardgroup.com/ Even though our office is temporarily closed, we want to help you maintain your safety, health and happiness during these times. Nothing is too small to ask for help or for a favor, so please reach out to us!

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