• Kayla Plastiak

Activities to Keep Kids (And You) Busy!

As our hearts are aching during this tough time, we hope that everyone is staying as safe and healthy as possible. With schools being closed for at least another week and a half, we decided to gather a list of fun activities to help you try to keep your kids entertained. Being stuck in the house isn’t always the most fun thing to do for kids with lots of energy, but hopefully this list gives you a few fun ideas to help with all that energy your kids have!

Board Game Time!

A game night is always bound to bring some family fun! Dust of that old Monopoly game and give you and your kids a break from the TV and electronics!

Who Said Camping is Only for Outdoors?

Kids love to build an indoor fort (another great idea), but what about indoor camping? Set up a tent, break out the sleeping bags, tell some spooky stories, and eat snacks all night long! What could possibly be more fun?

Karaoke Night

Whether you have a karaoke machine or not, YouTube makes it easy to host your very own Karaoke Night! The best part is, you don’t even have to leave your own living room! Sing and dance your heart out with your kids to popular songs for hours!

Craft Time is the Best Time!

Every parent has that one drawer full of colored paper, markers, glue and stickers. It’s time to clean that out by letting your kids get creative with their minds and crafts!

Does the Cookie Jar Look Empty to You?

After stocking up on countless amounts of food, it’s time to put some of it to use! Have your kids help you make homemade brownies or cookies. Not only will it be fun, but now you have a little desert for yourself, too!

Read. A. Book.

In this day and age, kids are so accustomed to hopping on an iPad or iPhone when they get bored. Or not to mention those dreaded video games. Read a book out loud with them! Make sure they’re mind is still being activated and challenged while they’re not in school every day!

Runway Show or Cleaning out the Closet?

Being stuck in the house all day is the perfect time to do some cleaning, and what better way to do so than including your kids. Have them try on a random shirts, shoes, pants and hats and then strut down the hall for you! Not only can you see what still fits them and what doesn’t, but you’ll also get to see the silly outfits they come up with!

All You Need is a Flat Surface

If you have any puzzles laying around, this is the perfect time to try to piece them together! All you need is a flat surface and a technology free area!

Movie Night

Last but not least, you can always result to a movie marathon night. To spice it up a little bit, pop some popcorn, make a pillow fort to sit in, or reenact the movies while they’re playing (action movies would be best, of course)!

We’re assuming you probably had some fun events planned for you and your family within these weeks, so to stay informed on the status of those events by checking out Grand Rapids Kids Website for all updates. Click here: https://grkids.com/grand-rapids-kids-calendar/

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