• Kayla Plastiak

Why Grand Rapids?

Being a Chicago-native, it is not hard for me to understand why Grand Rapids was ranked #13 in Best Places to Live by U.S. News in 2019. But what are some of the great things about Grand Rapids that makes it rank so high among so many other great cities in the United States? We’re here to dive into some of those great factors, which may help explain why Grand Rapids is #13, why the Grand Rapids Real Estate Market is so HOT, or just simply why people love Grand Rapids so much! After this list, you’ll understand why a Chicago-native like me chose Grand Rapids instead and why you’ll want to live in Grand Rapids ASAP!

Beer City or Coffee City?

It’s no secret that Grand Rapids is Beer City USA due to their countless amounts of microbreweries and amazing beer selection. Just to name a few- Founders Brewing Company, New Holland, and Elk Brewing Company. But did you know that Grand Rapids is also full of countless high-end coffee shops? With extremely talented baristas, it’d be a challenge to walk into a random coffee shop and find bad coffee here in Grand Rapids, considering most coffee shops here roast their own coffee!

Affordable, Affordable, Affordable!

When you think big city, the first thing you probably think is “expensive”, right? Well, you’ll be happy to learn that Grand Rapids is actually an extremely affordable city! The cost of living in Grand Rapids is greatly lower than other major U.S. metro areas. In fact, the image above shows that housing costs in Grand Rapids are actually considerably below the overall national median! Grand Rapids makes it possible to have that big city feel without that big city cost, making it perfect for individuals of all ages!

Where’s the Beach?

One of the most convenient things about the location of Grand Rapids is that it's only 45 minutes from the beautiful beaches of Grand Haven. Whether it's Summer or Winter, the beaches of Grand Haven provide gorgeous views and endless fun for families or individuals alike. Enjoy a day laying in the sand, dinner with a view or just watching the beach sunset.

Green and Clean

A noticeable thing about Grand Rapids in comparison to other major metro cities is that it is noticeable a very clean and green city. Grand Rapids takes pride in being a very eco-friendly town and has gained many sustainability achievements because of it. They have begun an innovative recycling program, as well as building make LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified buildings. In order to keep Grand Rapids looking beautiful, we had to take responsibility and pride in our city, which is exactly what we do so well.

College Bound?

Some small towns attract many people because of their large universities or outstanding public-school districts for minors. But have you ever been a part of a city that blends both so easily and has high standards for both? Grand Rapids has a total of 15 university campuses! Ranging from public universities like Grand Valley State and Western Michigan, to private schools like Aquinas and Cornerstone. On top of that, Grand Rapids also has an amazing public school district for your children to attend, making it the perfect city for students of all ages!

Never Bored!

Looking for some fun activities to do? Then Grand Rapids is the place for you. One of the unique things about Grand Rapids is that every year they host an art competition, ArtPrize, all around the city for residents to view and vote on which is the best! Not the biggest fan of cool art? That’s okay too because Grand Rapids has plenty of other activities as well, from festivals to bar crawls and the zoo!

Here at The Lucas Howard Group, we’re a team made up of the best Real Estate Professionals in West Michigan, including Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids is our home and we love to take in all of the amazing things it has to offer. Because of that, we would love to help you find the perfect home for you in the greater Grand Rapids area! Call us, DM us, or drop by our office today to help you get started!

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