• Kayla Plastiak

In-home Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

Obviously the world as we know it is constantly changing with all this crazy, new technology. But how are we supposed to keep up with it all and know how to use it all if we haven’t even heard of it? Well, we’re here to try to catch you up with all the new real estate technology. All these new tech advances don’t have to be difficult to understand or work, sometimes they’re actually pretty simple and helpful! Let’s talk about some of our favorites!

Sensor Pump

Let’s talk about the bathroom! If you’re a clean freak or germophobe, this first item is going to light up your world: an automatic hands-free sensor pump for your soap! You see them all over restaurants and stores, but why can’t you have one in your home? This fabulous soap dispenser is rechargeable, meaning no batteries and no cord! You only have to charge it for a short time after every 3 months! Say goodbye to more germs resting in your bathroom and hello to a hands-free, luxury soap dispenser!


Smart Blinds

A simple way to save money on your electric bills is by closing your blinds, either to keep the air conditioning in and hot summer air out, or to keep the heated air in and that cold, winter air out. But what happens when you’re cuddled up on the couch and don’t want to get up and close the blinds? Gear by AXIS is the new gadget used to close your blinds through a convenient app. Don’t get too upset, your blinds can still function by hand but can also be operated or scheduled through the app.


Electric Wine Opener

Are you sick of putting your back into a hand wine opener just to finally reach that perfect glass of red wine? Well then, an electric wine opener is the perfect solution for you! With just one charge, this little gadget can open up to 80 bottles of wine! Not to mention it also includes a foil cutter and vacuum sealer, too! This cordless bottle opener is also pretty simple to use, just press the down button while attempting to remove the cork from the bottle and then the up button to release the cork from the opener.


3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad

Sorry Android users, this one is for my Apple folks. If you’re sick of having countless cords laying around, then this Mophie charging pad is for you! This little pad packs a lot of power, being able to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at once. Make your home look less cluttered and more organized with this simple technology.


Video Doorbell

Whether you’re trying to spy on your kids’ “hangouts” during your weekends away or just looking for more safety for your home in general, this video doorbell is the way to go! This sleek gadget by Ring allows you to add advanced security to your home through a HD live video with two-way talking and infrared night vision. Now always know who is approaching your home!


Smart Lock

Have you ever started driving somewhere and your heart sunk to your stomach thinking, “Did I lock the front door?” No one has that kind of time to turn all the way around just to check and see, yes you did lock the front door. Instead, the Wyze Lock is Wifi and Bluetooth enable, allowing you to lock or unlock your deadbolt through a simple app.


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