• Kayla Plastiak

DIY Outdoor Home Improvements

Curb appeal is an important aspect for the look of a home that many homeowners forget to improve or update. Whether you need to update the outside of your home because you are now the new homeowner, need to update it before placing it on the real estate market or just looking for something new, updating your curb appeal doesn't have to be hard or expensive! There are a number of inexpensive home improvements that can be done outside of your home in order to give it that little extra sparkle!

Clean it Up!

Renting a power washer and power washing your siding, porch, stairs and any other items on the outside of your home is a cheap and great idea for how to give your home that brand-new look without the brand-new price tag! The before and after results will truly amaze you.

Paint, Paint, Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your garage door with some high-quality outdoor paint could truly work wonders. You could also paint your front door or front porch. Your front porch and garage doors are two items that your automatically catch your eye and updating these will completely change the look of the outside of your home.

Landscaping & TLC

The time taken to spruce up your landscaping will always be worth it! Trimming the bushes and trees (or hiring someone to do so) and pulling large weeds adds that clean and finished look to the outside of your home. Putting some TLC into your existing landscape can make the outside of your home look more polished. And if you're sick of those old flowers and shrubs, replace them with some new, colorful ones!

Light the Way

Add some outdoor lighting to your walkway and porch, or update your old fixtures. Adding lighting will not only help you find your way around the outside of your home when it's dark, but it's also a simple way to add some extra beauty to your home and make it stand out from others!

Family Fun?

Still have a little extra space and looking for something the whole family can enjoy? Add cute, outdoor furniture to your porch so your family can utilize all of your outdoor living space! Or if you're looking for something more, consider purchasing a tree tire swing, a small fire pit, or a hammock. These are all small changes that can bring a lot of opportunity for fun to your family!

All of these outdoor home improvements are perfect ways to update the look of your home. Whether this is for the benefit of looking like one of the best real estate options for new buyers or improving the home for your own benefit, these ideas are simple, cost effective, and bring in huge returns for anyone involved!

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