• Hunter Schamehorn

Fun Fall Dates

It’s October 1st and you know what that means, Halloween season!

Here are some fun fall date ideas.

Go To An Apple Orchard

Apple orchards, usually, are like a one stop shop for all things fall! They have so many fun activities for you and your significant other to explore. Cozy up on a hayride that most likely will take you to the apple trees where you can pick apples until your hearts content. Try seeing if you and your date can work together to pick the apple at the top of the tree. Celebrate your victory with the crisp bite of that very apple! There could also be corn mazes at the apple orchard where you two could play hide and seek, race to see who finds their way out first, or work together as a team to find the way out. After the activities, hopefully the apple orchard you chose to visit has a donut mill and gift shop. Don’t forget to take cute pictures throughout your date!

Pumpkin carving

Head on over to a grocery store or pumpkin patch and grab a couple pumpkins for you and your date. Make sure you have the right tools for carving! If you aren’t a fan of carving, no problem, grab some paint. Bring all your supplies inside and get your space all set up (I suggest a table with a plastic cover over it for easy clean up). Once everything is set up you two are ready to get to it! Here’s a pro tip- cut the top on an angle so it doesn’t fall inside the pumpkin. Make sure to get all the seeds out so you two can bake them and have them as a snack for later! Also, don’t forget a candle for inside the pumpkin after you both have your finished product. Happy carving!

Haunted House

Here’s a way to get close and cling to your dates arm for “protection.” You and your date will either be terrified or not even phased, but either way, you two will have a blast! Try not to scream too loud, wouldn’t want to scare away your date, yikes!

Scary Movie Marathon

Get in the spirit of Halloween and watch some scary movies! You and your date should pick out some horror films to watch all in one sitting. I’m sure it will be easy with all the streaming sites in our grasp to find some good ones. Snack and bathroom breaks are encouraged!

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