• Hunter Schamehorn

Did Someone Say Family Movie Night?

Family movie night can be way more fun than just popping in a DVD, pressing play, and getting comfy on the couch. Here’s some ideas that’ll spice it up that your kids will love!

Get the Snacks Ready!

What’s a movie night without snacks? Make sure to get that popcorn maker up and running! Or pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave, either works, you will still get the same end result of delicious popcorn! I suggest making a popcorn bar. Your kids will love being able to choose which flavors to sprinkle on their popcorn, or what candies to mix in, such as m&m’s and reese’s pieces. Once they get their popcorn bowl filled to their liking, get the rest of their snack kit ready. This could include juice pouches and other snacking items like pretzels. Set it all up in their very own caddie, and send them on their way to the movie watching area!

Set Up Your Environment

Find somewhere comfy to watch. This could be in the living room, under your fort you and the kids just built, or outside with blow up furniture and a projector screen. However you wish to get comfiest is up to you. I suggest lots of pillows and blankets! Lastly, if you want to go the extra mile, make sure to create some signs and fake tickets to give the illusion of a real movie theater.

Pick a Movie

The most important part to a family movie night is, of course, the movie! To make sure there is no fighting, try narrowing the selection down to a handful and then have everyone vote on which movie they would like to watch. Once you all agree on something, go ahead and pop the DVD in or, because its 2019, start streaming!

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