• Emily Seymour

Five Tips for Renovating Before Selling

The best time to sell your home is approaching in a few months. One of the things that most sellers do is renovate their home before selling it. We figured we'd share a few tips on how to renovate your home before it's time to put it on the market. So if you're thinking about selling, keep reading!

1. Start small - The last thing you want to be is overwhelmed. Start with the small stuff, like adding new fixtures or painting. New fixtures can totally change the look of your home, and painting is a simple, inexpensive, and one of the best things you can do for your home. New paint instantly makes a space feel fresh and clean. A little can go a long way!

2. Spruce up your exterior - We all know that first impressions count. This also applies to homes! Improving your home's exterior doesn't have to break your bank. Painting the front door, power washing the exterior, adding a new exterior light fixture, and planting colorful flowers can all make a big difference.

3. Focus on the kitchen and bathrooms - These are the best areas to improve because they're the most important parts of the house. This is because these are the areas that we spend the most of our home lives, and because home buyers often calculate the large costs involved with remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. If the renovation costs exceed what the potential buyer is willing to pay, it can kill the sale.

4. Don't go too far - Don't forget to keep in mind of neighborhood values. If the home improvements you make bring your house up to your neighborhood's standards, they're probably going to be worth it in the end. However, adding features that are way above and beyond the other homes in your neighborhood will be detrimental. If you do the latter, you will make it difficult to get your asking price.

5. Do not spend more on remodels that you can recoup - Although this sounds so obvious, it's important to remember this. Believe it or not, a lot of people decide to throw thousands of dollars into a house that they're living in for not even a year!

Hopefully these tips have inspired you! Have any questions? Feel free to call us or reach out to us on our Facebook or Instagram!

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