• Amanda Strome

How to Light-up Your Room

When you have a house with no overhead lights, thinking about how many lights to add can be a challenge. You want to make sure you have enough light, but don't want the room to be too bright and overwhelming. There is a great rule of thumb that you may not know to have the ideal lighting without ceiling lights.

Once simple way to have more light is to increase the wattage of each light bulb. If your place doesn't have lights on the ceiling then you will want to make the most out of the lighting that you do have. No matter what options you chose, its helpful to have a higher wattage light bulb to brighten the place up more.

The most common way to increase lighting in a room without any ceiling lights is to use floor lamps. The rule of thumb for floor lamps in order to light a room is to have one in each of corner, besides for the corner by the door. This is not only a great way to add light, but also to add some of your personal style into the room.

Table lamps. These are another great way to add light to a room that has no overhead lighting. This is a great edition to end tables by couches, and can replace some floor lamps in the one lamp per corner room.

LED light shelf. If lamps aren't your style, than consider adding an LED lighting shelf. You can buy LED strips online, and build your own LED lighting shelf. Here is a good video on a quick how to.

Another way to create light, and space in a room is to hang mirrors. Mirrors reflect the light that you have in your room, and can help create more. Hang a mirror accross from a window, or a light feature to create more light in your space.

Having enough lighting in a room can seem like a challenge, especially if you don't have overhead lighting. These simple tips are surefire ways to add more light to your space.

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