• Amanda Strome

The DO's and DON'Ts of Color in Rooms

Choosing the color that you paint rooms in your house not only has an impact design-wise but also changes the mood that you feel when you enter a room. Have you ever noticed how restaurants use red? That's because it said to make someone want more, and increase appetite.

Bright colors versus dark colors. Bright colors are friendly colors that encourage communication. Its because of their communication enhancement that they are good for dining rooms, and kitchens. Dark colors bring comfort and security but can have a gloomy effect. Dark colors look good on walls and should be used with caution to make sure that the gloominess of dark colors is not felt on guests.

Warm colors versus cool colors. Warm colors are said to bring activity to a room, so they shouldn't be used in rooms you want to relax in. Having a warm color in a bedroom could make you feel active and stimulate you in a room that should convey relaxing. Cool colors, on the other hand, are said to be more relaxing and calming. Cool colors can have an icy effect if not used properly..

Yellow is a warm bright color that brings happiness and energy to a room. This color energizes any room and can make small rooms feel more expansive. Studies are shown to make people lose their temper, and babies cry more often in yellow rooms. Yellow is a great color, and shouldn't be used as the main color on the scheme. Having accents of yellow is great from rooms to add energy.

Blues, as a cool color, bring a relaxing effect. Blues are said to reduce heart rate, and blood pressure so is good for socializing rooms. Pastel blues are beautiful, however, can come across as unpleasant and chilling in a room. This is a good choice in a living room if balanced with natural light and warm colors on furnishings. Dark blues often portray sadness and should be used with caution because of their gloomy effects. Navy blue also inhibits conversation.

Purple in lighter colors has the same effects that light blue does but without the risk of feeling chilly. Darker purple has elegance, luxury, and creative effects on rooms..

Green is said to be the most relaxing color. Green is a great room to be used in main color schemes as it adds the cheery yellow, to the relaxing blue.

All colors are beautiful in their own way. When you pick out colors for your room, make sure you take some time to discover how this color is going to make you feel in the room, and if it matches the ambiance you are looking for. If you are determined to use a color in a room that has the opposite effect as mentioned in this post, then just balance it out using other colors.

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