• Amanda Strome

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is often talked about in passing. Many people joke around about the Feng Shui, or the energy, being off in the room. We all have had that feeling of walking into a poorly decorated room, and just automatically feeling off. Feng Shui is a Chinese geometry theory of decorating rooms that focuses on balancing the room. Many major corporations use Feng Shui experts to design their offices to enhacne productivitiy. Feng Shui focuses on matching your energy with your home's energy. There are many aspects to Feng Shui that major designers incorporate into their work.

Getting rid of clutter is one Feng Shui concept that has recently become viral. Clutter is seen as sucking energy. Not only clutter lying around your home, but also clutter that is hidden away is seen as having a negative effect on energy. Clean homes have a better feeling when you are in them. Having a messy, cluttured home makes you feel stressed out when you enter it. In order to have a more organized life, you need to have a more more organized home.

Paying attention to space relationships in room is vital to balancing an energy. Making sure there ample soace to go in-between rooms, and placing seating in a way that makes sure everyone can use them is another thing that Feng Shui concentrates on. Having a couch should be anchored to the wall of the living room, and have space on both sides. Overall, Feng Shui concentrates on having a good flow, and placing items in a room that makes sure everyone can use them.

In the bedroom, having the bed with one side against the wall is seen as having a bed energy. Having a bed that is built for two people that cuts off allowing one person to access it cre ates a negative enerngery in the bedroom. Feng Shui also states that you should only have photos with your partner in your bedroom. Having photos of friends and family in your room is great, however it is seen as reminding you of your obligations, and away from your partner.

Having a seperation of public and private spaces is another major concept that all homes could benefit from. For example, your living room is a public space and so it should be focused on creating an inviting atmosphere for people to gather. For example, having a TV as the center focus of the living room, can shut people out. Having photos of friend, and family can also create a social atmosphere.

Feng Shui is a very intensive method of decorating a home, and these are just some of the concepts from it. Feng Shui is used by millions of people, both in the east and the west, to create a balancing energy in a home. Try out some of these simple Feng Shui theories in your home, and do more research to see how this fits with your life.

Here are two great resources to get you started:



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