• Amanda Strome

Table Takeover

A lot happens at the dining room table. With homework, games, crafts all happening there it can be hard stressful when you go to use the table for its actual purpose, eating, and it is filled with clutter. The traditional dining room set up is not designed with this busy modern lifestyle in mind, so here are some clever tips to keep your dining room table clear.

If you don't already, have a buffet severer in your dining room. This is extremely helpful for storing everything that you will want to use in your dining room, not just fancy plates and tablecloths. Have a drawer dedicated to the games your family like to play together for easy access. Having this will allow them to be out of sight, and not sitting out on the table, yet still easily accessible for family game nights.

In one of the cupboards have Inside of this buffet server have paper organizers in order to place loose papers into for when homework is still in progress. Each family member can have their own for work that they have in progress.

Have bins for odds and ends that accumulate in the dining room. Throughout the week we tend to get many odd items that we forget, or "don't have time" to put away. Instead of having these items sit out, have a temporary holding place that gets emptied once a week.

Having a cluttered dining room can really put a damper in having family meal time. The dining room is an important room in any house where a lot of things happen. Try out these handy tips to get all of the clutter out of the dining room.

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