• Amanda Strome

How to Make a Room Bigger

Small rooms make you feel cramped and closed in. Clutter is often a problem, and these small rooms can easily have this cluttered look. Follow these simple steps to make your small room feel large, and not cluttered.

Monochromatic rooms make space look bigger. Keeping the room with one color theme, contrasting colors break up space. Instead of changing the color, change the texture of items in a room to make it seem bigger.

Use light colors. Medium shades make a room appear smaller. Light colors help make a room seem airy and spacious.

Bigger is better! Having a few pieces that are larger makes a room seem larger than having many smaller items. Having a couch and a chair makes a room feel bigger than having four chairs. More items make a room seem smaller, and cluttered. The same can be said about decor, keep the items to a few bigger pieces, instead of many nick-nacks that rooms seem even more cluttered.

Hang ceiling to floor curtains, these draw your eyes up and add height and space to walls.

Add reflective items. Mirrors are a great way to add space to a room. Mirrors add space by reflecting light and making something seem larger.

You can't make a room larger, but you can make a room feel larger. Follow these simple tips to make in your small space, to make the most of it.

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