• Amanda Strome

DIY Crafts with Kids to Capture Time

Kids grow up fast. Time flies and it can seem like years are months. You can't slow down time, but what you can do is save some of those memories. Displaying mementos in your home can not only add a personal touch, but remind of the time when they were created. Here are some ideas for ways to incorporate these memories into your home.

Frame childhood paintings. Kids love to create paintings for those they love, and these are all masterpieces. Take some of your most loved paintings that you save, or have saved and buy a frame that has matching matting to make it look professional. Buy paper from a craft store for a pop of color. You can buy large sheets of cardstock paper and cut them down to size to add to the back of the frame.

Make a scrapbook together. There are many scrap booking stores that sell anything you would love to get started in creating a scrapbook. Having physical home made scrapbooks is a great way to be able to look back at memories. This is also a great craft to do with your kids as you create something that you both can enjoy for a lifetime. If creating physical scarp books is not your forte, you can go online to many photo websites such as Snappish and start with an online template that you can customize

Make a copy of footprints as they are a baby, or photocopy a footprint you have from when they are small. Use these for coasters around your house! Or, Do a comparison of how big there feet are now that they are older. This makes for a cute photo that can be hung. Another way to monitor growth is the classic measuring of height as they grow older. Take the time to make sure that you can take this with you if you want to move houses one day. Use two-by-fours together and stain them to make base to measure off of that can be hung on a wall and taken with you, or buy one online.

Take yearly photos in a similar location. This will allow you one day to make a collage of all how they have changed from year to year. You can also take these photos and make clock using photos every year of what they looked like.

Yearly calendars are a great way to have the kids make something that can be displayed all year long and change as they grow. Have the kiddos draw pictures that remind of them of different months. Take a picture of what they drew and upload it to a photo website to create custom calendar.

There are many was to incorporate memories into your home. These are just a few ways to incorporate memories of kids into your home. Taking the time to turn these beautiful mementos, or create these crafts is a way to remember the joyful times creating them.

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