• Amanda Strome

Make the Most out of your Multipurpose Room

There is always that one room in your house that ends up being the all purpose room. The room where everything happens. When guests stay, they stay there, the kids play there, its also the office. It easy for that room to turn into a cluttered mess. There is a way to have this room without having it look like a room that the kids took over. Here are some tips to make the most out of the multipurpose room.

Make sure everything has two purposes. When you buy your coffee table, either buy one where you can add bins underneath, or buy one that opens up and you can store things inside. A coffee table is one of the center pieces in any room, so make sure that this looks "adult" and polished.

Instead of trying to fit an entire mattress for a spare room for guests to stay, invest in a couch with a pull out mattress or a futon. Futons come in many styles that don't look like something you would find in a college dorm, and add dual functionality to the room. It is great to have a place for guests to sleep, however in order to make the most out of the space in this room is important that you can easily pull the mattress out of the way for the majority of the time when you do not have guests. Adding a side table to either side of couch with lights is a great way to pull your eye to this center piece. These side tables also offer an opportunity to have bins underneath for storage for kids toys.

Bookshelves are a great way to add storage, to a space. Most bookshelves you can adjust the height of the shelves to best suit the purpose you need them for. Add taller shelves at the bottom or kids to store their toys. You can also fill up these shelves with décor to add personal style. Buy a short bookshelf for this to double as the TV stand.

By using these tips you can create a room that not only is functional, but stylish as well. Even though a room as many features, that does not mean that it cannot have one cohesive style throughout. This room can be just as decorative as any other room in the house.

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