• Amanda Strome

5 Questions to Determine if Your Home Modern.

When looking at home you often hear that things need to be more "modern" and are outdated. What exactly makes a home modern? It can be hard to pin point the exact detail that make a home modern. Here is are questions to ask yourself to see if your home truly follows the new "modern" design trend.

1. Does it have clean lines.

Having clean lines is a staple of modern designs in homes. Modern homes have no details in the line. An example of the clean lines in modern homes is when it comes to the railing of staircases. Modern homes will have straight lines, while more traditional home will have curved details.

2. Do you follow minimalism?

Modern houses have a lack of clutter. They follow the "less is more" motto. This pertains to both literal clutter around the house and also with decorations. These homes tend to keep the necessities.

3. Do you have an open Floor Plan?

Modern homes have open floor plans. This is a staple of the design of modern homes and is a feature that many are looking for in their home. The ability to see throughout the home is featured if most, if not all, of modern homes.

4. Are the metals in your house Stainless steel or Chrome?

Brass is never seen in these homes. The metals that are featured in modern homes are stainless steel and chrome. The appliances in modern homes feature stainless steel, and also in detailing throughout the home. Chrome detailing is also found in the décor around modern homes.

5. Do you have bold accent walls?

The last common feature of modern homes is bold accent walls. These accent walls are often in bold colors. This is a common way for modern homes to add a pop of color into the room and add a fun feature. These walls often also feature a design to draw the eye in even further.

The modern trend in homes is ever growing in popularity, and with that there can be a lot of misinformation of what modern homes look like. Next time you are looking to update your home to fit the modern trend, or looking for a home with a modern trend ask yourself these questions. If you want to learn more about modern trends visit this great website. http://bit.ly/2zS8z86

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