• Amanda Strome

Fall Yard Care

Yards are well loved during the summer months. With backyard barbeques, kids running around, parties, your yard goes through a lot in the summer. The fall is a great time to prepare your yard for next year, and has its own maintenance that should be followed.

Late October and early November is an important time to do a second fertilizing from September. Northern grasses like bluegrass, fescue, and ryegrass respond well to feedings in late fall. Fall is also the best time to kill weeds, so consider using a weed and feed to get rid of pesky weeds while feeding your grass. This will help make your yard look green and full in the spring. Fall is also a great time to take care of dead patches in your yard. Use a mulch product with fertilizer and seed for a quick patch up.

Adjust the height that you cut your grass. During fall your grass should be about two inches tall in order to prevent mold from growing in the winter months. Continue to cut your grass until the first hard frost in order to protect it. Make sure to keep up on raking fallen leaves in order to prevent them from smothering your grass.

The holidays are a great time to check your gutters while you hang lights to make sure nothing is blocking the draining system. Be sure to drain your irrigation line before it freezes, and be sure to not go above 50 psi of pressure if you use an air compressor. Before the freeze and snow store all of your lawn furniture that has fabric, or could otherwise be harmed with snow and ice.

Doing these easy tasks can prepare your yard for the best when spring comes. Take some time to care for your yard after the harsh summer months. Be sure to check out these resources for more tips on fall yard care. https://bit.ly/2q2lEr0


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