• Amanda Strome

DIY Headboards

After your long day is done the first thing you probably want to do is lay in bed and relax. Besides for buying a new comforter and bed set, when is the last time you did something to improve the look of your bed? Update the look of your master and your bedroom by creating a new headboard.

The first step is to decide how big you want your new headboard to be, and what shape you would like. Buy a piece of plywood and decide if you want your headboard to be the standard headboard, which should extend 10 inches beyond your bed and be 24 inches taller, or to extend beyond and be a statement in your bedroom. Cut the top of your headboard and make it scalloped, or keep it square. Go to a fabric store and pick out a piece of fabric that matches your room and is a focal point. Cut foam and add it to the front of the plywood, then add the fabric of your choice and staple it, or nail it, to the backside of the headboard.

Add more details to your headboard. To add buttons, drill holes on the plywood base to create indents for the buttons to lie on. After you add some foam padding and fabric, sew the buttons so they rest in this hole and repeat as desired. Another idea is to add nail head trim in a strip, to achieve the same nailed look with less effort. For even more of an effect add wall paper behind your headboard as a statement wall in order to draw your eye in toward your bed.

Use extra pieces of wood to create a headboard. Stain pieces of wood different colors and then use wood glue reinforce with nails. Once completed you have a beautiful headboard.

Repurpose items that you find and use them as a headboard for a shabby chic look. Use old shutters above your bed in place of a headboard, or use old windows to create a similar effect.

A new headboard will create a new focal point in your master bedroom and make your room feel like new. Try any of these tips to make a new headboard of your own. If you need any more ideas this website has more great DIY headboard ideas. Visit here: https://bit.ly/2pU9EHv

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