• Jaylyn McCloy

Family Camping Guide

Going camping with the family is always a fun adventure. You are able to experience new things along with taking a step away from technology to focus on some much needed quality family time. Camping is no easy task either, it takes planning and making sure you have all the right equipment packed and you can’t forget the s’mores.

Securing the Date

During prime camping times, holidays and summer time, camping sites fill up quickly. You should decided early where you want to camp at and when exactly you and your family will be going. Leaving early to your campsite from home will help you beat the commuter traffic and give you a chance to get there earlier before anyone else to set up your campsite and get settled in. Don’t forget to send an invite to your family and friends to join you on your camping adventure. It helps keep everyone occupied and you get to see some of your favorite people you may not be able to all time!

Packing Early

Don’t wait until last minute, otherwise you might forget something crucial to any camping trip! Create a checklist that will help you stay on top of what has already been pack and what still needs to be packed. Now there is no way you’ll forget stake for the tent or new batteries for the flashlight. This is also an opportunity for you to check all the equipment to ensure it works properly and if needed to replace broken equipment.

Food for Your Travels

Can’t forget the food! Deciding what you will be eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is the best place to start. Planning what meals you will be having will save time and hassle, so you can get straight to eating! Once you’ve decided what you want to eat, you can then decided what you can prepare before you leave the house. For example, cutting the vegetables, what condiments you need, and marinating the meat. You will be thankful you put in the extra work now rather than at the campground.

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