• Jaylyn McCloy

The Ins and Outs of Being a Good Neighbor

What does it look like to be a good neighbor and why is it important? Now unless you’ve never lived on your own, you know how important is to get to know your neighbors. Establishing good relationships with your neighbors builds mutual benefits for both parties and these relationships can affect the quality of your life.


Within the first week of moving in, introduce yourself if your neighbors haven’t done so already. By simply introducing yourself, you should be able to exchange names and contact information. These neighbors can help you get to know the community rules, introduce you to other neighbors, and tell you some of the best food spots in town.

Talking it Out vs. Tweeting it Out

Joining the neighborhood Facebook page is a great way to be informed on what is going on in your community along with being able to sell unwanted items. Never air your dirty laundry or issues with another neighbor on social media because rather than solving the issue it will almost always get worse. Face to face communication is the way to resolve conflicts amongst one another; It’s also better to give your neighbors a heads up for larger gatherings, removal of bushes, and etc so they can plan accordingly and know what to expect.

Perfect Pet Owners

Pets complete any home and they are a good way to make connections with other families/neighbors as you join on neighborhood dog walks. But, being a pet owner comes with responsibility; there’s nothing more annoying than a pet owner who does not clean up after their own pet. Clean up the messes your pet makes, especially in your neighbor’s yard, they will appreciate it. Also, be sure to be mindful of how much your dog is barking. You don’t want the reputation with dog that is constantly barking at anything and everything.

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