• Jaylyn McCloy

The Top Home Decor Trends of 2018

Trends continue to change from year to year and sometimes it’s hard to keep up on what’s in and what’s out. We want to share with you our top favorite trends we’ve seen so far in 2018, to help you stay on top of all things trending in home decor!

Natural Elements

With the previous year being so focused on technology based decor 2018 has been the year to step away from that and into natural elements. Adding these elements helps bring a fresh feel to any home.

Richer Color Palettes

Although it’s more common to see more muted colors throughout the home to enlarge the space, adding pieces of furniture or decor with bolder colors will help bring the room together, as well as making a statement. 2018 is the year to be bold!

Concrete Accents

Concrete is no longer just for the construction zones! Adding concrete accents to your home adds a clean and crisp look and it is easy to pair with other embellishments. This trend is in the outlooks for the next couple of years.

Bucket Sinks

These family friendly sinks make a great addition to any bathroom or kitchen. They are a great way to add a vintage feel to any home. There is no extra cleaning of the sink counter which is a major plus!

For more of 2018's top home decor trends visit:


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